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Oral Medicine and Radiology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of oral and maxillofacial diseases, disorders, and abnormalities. It combines the use of clinical evaluation, imaging techniques, and laboratory investigations to arrive at a definitive diagnosis and appropriate management plan. This branch of dentistry focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral and maxillofacial diseases, including oral potentially malignant disorders, oral cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, and salivary gland disorders. Radiology plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions, using various 2D & 3D imaging techniques such as intra oral and extraoral radiographs which includes RVG, bitewing radiographs, occlusal radiograph, OPG , Cephalograms and CBCT .The ultimate goal of oral medicine and radiology is to promote oral health and well-being, and to ensure that patients receive the best possible management and treatment for their oral and maxillofacial conditions.




  • To Promote and Facilitate the Research activities which will transform the nature of Diagnosis and treatment of Oral and Para Oral diseases.
  • Integration of Medical and Dental sciences to provide Optimal Health Care.



  • To Foster the development of Dental Graduates in the field of Oral Medicine and Radiology with appropriate Knowledge and Skills which will facilitate them in diagnosis, prevention and management of all Oral and Maxillofacial diseases.
  • To actively cater the needs of all the patients and promote excellence in Patient Care and provide cost- effective expert Oral Medicine and care.



S.No. FACULTY NAME Department
1 Dr. Chandni Batra Bhakra Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Shinny Goel Reader
3 Dr. Swati Verma Lecturer



Goal and Plan Going Forward:


  • To train the students to diagnose the common disorders of the Orofacial region by clinical examination and with the help of each investigation as may be required and medical management of Oro- facial disorders with drugs and physical agents.
  • To train the students about the importance, role, use, and techniques of radiographs and other imaging methods in Diagnosis.
  • To provide comprehensive knowledge to the students to enhance proficiency in Oral Medicine and Radiology department.
  • Promote Research and develop graduates who are highly competent, ethical, socially responsible professionals.


Plan going forward: 


  • 3d Imaging Modality - CBCT machine in the department which can greatly enhance the brand of the institution by providing advanced diagnostic radiologic facilities at affordable cost.
  • Post Graduation in Oral Medicine and Radiology Department.
  • To work for Collaborative Research Projects.

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The Department focuses on:


  • Thrust areas for research include detection/screening of tobacco-induced mucosal lesions, treatment using allopathic and research in plant-based treatments.
  • To provide a centre for excellence in oral and maxillofacial radiology with advanced imaging techniques such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography.
  • Paperless radiology.