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  • Department of Orthodontics deals with treatment of malocclusion and abnormalities related to the Craniofacial region and has the responsibility to study and supervise the dental and skeletal growth from birth to maturity.
  • The department has a good patient inflow of more than 50 patients daily.
  • The college and hospital are situated in heart of the city Ghaziabad.
  • The department has the best infrastructure, with separate UG and PG clinics, seminar rooms, and the latest equipment and facilities, as well as a vibrant culture and cutting-edge technologies like as an in-house Aligner lab.
  • Highly acclaimed Faculty remains its forte.




Collaborate with national and international universities on innovative research projects. To create and nurture a community of worldwide leaders committed to promoting human health by integrating orthodontia and medicine at the forefront of teaching, research, and patient care, particularly in the fields of TM Disorders and cosmetic orthodontics.





1 Dr. Rajiv Ahluwalia  Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Parvinder Bindra Professor
3 Dr. Nishant Gupta Professor
4 Dr. Mayank Gupta Reader
5 Dr. Tina Chugh Reader
6 Dr. Kunal Sharma Lecturer
7 Dr. Dhruv Yadav Lecturer
8 Dr. Saaransh Kalra Lecturer
9 Dr. Mohit Chaurvedi Lecturer
10 Dr. Atam Dev Jain Lecturer
11 Dr Junaid Khan Lecturer





  • Patient-centered education committed to excellence”-Our department aims to impart excellence in clinical care and patient satisfaction, and endeavours to train outstanding clinicians and future faculty. We train students to be committed in clinical as well as research work and groom them to be world class leaders in the field. Our department imparts to undergraduates and post graduates’ students holistic training thereby facilitating career development and job opportunities.




Incorporate BIOETHICS components into all parts of teaching and patient care, with a focus on-

  • How to provide affordable treatment to all and to introduce Fellowships. In Lingual and Micro Implants
  • Focus on accelerated orthodontics to reduce overall treatment time.
  • Training students with super specialization in lingual orthodontics, aesthetic Orthodontics, aligners and micro implants.
  • To assist in identifying prevalent malocclusions in the Ghaziabad population and assisting in preventive actions, thus achieving our societal commitments.
  • As part of its efforts to introduce a bio ethical approach to patient care, Dr. Rajiv Ahluwalia, secretary of the National Dental Bio Ethics Committee and national nodal centre, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the UNESCO chair in Bioethics, Haifa, and the Indian Orthodontic Society to incorporate BIOETHICS components into all aspects of teaching and patient care.




DR RAJIV AHLUWALIA (Head of Department):

  • Vice President Indian Orthodontic Society (2014-2015)
  • Fellow International College of Dentists 
  • AV Arun Outstanding professor award 2023
  • Convener OsGOD (Orthodontic study group of Delhi) for 6 years
  • Rising Star Award(2015-16)
  • Transformational Leader Award(2016-17)
  • Appointed as Secretary at National Dental Bioethics committee, UNESCO CHAIR IN BIOETHICS, HAIFA (2016-17)
  • ‘Best Teacher” Orthodontics (2017-18)
  • Co-Chair Bioethicon international conference, Chennai.(2019)
  • Editor, IOS TIMES (National official newsletter of Indian Orthodontic Society)
  • Sectional editor Indian journal of dental research
  • Sectional editor, JIOS
  • Editorial board Dental Practice
  • Associate Editor, Santosh Univ. Journal
  • 4 times Executive committee member of Indian orthodontic Society
  • Resource person and invited Speaker at national and international conference, included AIIMS and Istanbul.  


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