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  • To create awareness, educate and promote the community regarding prevention of various oral diseases.
  • To have communities and environment supporting healthy lifestyles by organizing outreach & extension activities and hence improving the quality of life in & around Ghaziabad (Delhi – NCR).




  • Development of comprehensive oral health programs to cater to unmet needs of the community through effective collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • Improving the oral health of a group of people, usually within a community or state. By increasing the overall dental health levels in the population and to reduce the number of untreated dental issues through a combination of treatment, education, and policy changes.




  • To build, as well as sustain a network of Dental Public Health projects which will contribute to enhancing the health of children through dental education and the promotion of a healthy oral lifestyle. 
  • To serve the underprivileged on priority and educate parents and children on the significance of sound oral hygiene.




1 Dr. Puneet Kumar Professor & HOD 
2 Dr. Mohit Dadu Reader
3 Dr. Jyoti Singh Reader
4 Dr. Kush Kalra Lecturer

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Teaching, learning, and evaluation:


  • To be a state of the art training centre and a Model Institute for training in public health dentistry in the region.
  • To train students to be confident, efficient modern leaders, in their area of study and expertise.
  • The department aims to achieve evidence-based learning for oral health care.
  • Mentorship programmes for the undergraduates are strengthened to be more effective.


Health education and motivation programes:

Department conduct oral health awareness and education programmes in various institutions, residential colonies and Public & Private sector undertakings in rural as well as urban areas through fully equipped Mobile Dental Van.

The department collaborates with volunteer organizations (IDA, RWA etc.) and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in various community activities.

The department also conducts teacher training programs and parent counseling to create awareness among teachers and parents in collaboration with schools.


Tobacco Cessation Centre:


In the institute itself counseling is done at the tobacco cessation centre to motivate the patients willing to quit smoking or chewing tobacco and tobacco containing products to reduce the impact of tobacco related mortality and morbidity. UP being the “gutka belt” needs counseling among people to quit the habit.


Satellite Centers
a) Urben center
b) Rural center