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The Department of Public Health Dentistry, works with the motto of “Serving People Serving Humanity”.

The mainstay of the department is prevention of oral diseases by creating awareness among masses through health education programs.

As part of a university, we educate a progressive oral health workforce, develop community collaborations, and bring advances in science to address the oral health needs of the people.

In order to accomplish our vision, we promote diversity in thinking and human resources, support creative breakthroughs, and commit to ethical and responsible leadership in patient care, scholarship and research.


  • To provide affordable, accessible and sustainable oral health care.
  • To provide excellence in teaching at undergraduate level.
  • To prepare students to have a knowledge of the basics of Public Health, Dental Public Health, Preventive Dentistry, Public Health Problems in India, Nutrition, Environment and their Role in Health, Dental Statistics, Epidemiology and National Oral Health Policy.
  • To conduct regular non-profitable oral health check-up, treatment and educational camps for all with focus on underprivileged ones.
  • To be a trusted resource for oral health information in the community.
  • To conduct research and identify effective strategies for improvement of oral health.
  • The overall mission is to generate, disseminate, and preserve knowledge, and to serve the region.


The department of public health dentistry intends-

  • To create, promote and establish positive perceptions about oral health in the community.
  • To educate, prevent and promote the community regarding various oral disease and to develop and plan strategies to prevent them through various outreach programmes.

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Teaching, learning, and evaluation

  • To be a state of the art training centre and a Model Institute for training in public health dentistry in the region.
  • To train students to be confident, efficient modern leaders, in their area of study and expertise.
  • The department aims to achieve evidence-based learning for oral health care.
  • Mentorship programmes for the undergraduates are strengthened to be more effective.

Health education and motivation programes

Department conduct oral health awareness and education programmes in various institutions, residential colonies and Public & Private sector undertakings in rural as well as urban areas through fully equipped Mobile Dental Van.

The department collaborates with volunteer organizations (IDA, RWA etc.) and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in various community activities.

The department also conducts teacher training programs and parent counseling to create awareness among teachers and parents in collaboration with schools.

Tobacco Cessation Centre

In the institute itself counseling is done at the tobacco cessation centre to motivate the patients willing to quit smoking or chewing tobacco and tobacco containing products to reduce the impact of tobacco related mortality and morbidity. UP being the “gutka belt” needs counseling among people to quit the habit.