MBBS, MD Pathology



13 years  

  • Head of the Department: Santosh medical college –July 2020 till date

  • Professor Pathology: Santosh medical college –Aug 2019 till date

  • Professor Pathology: Rama medical college 3 June 2017- 6 Aug 2019

  • Associate Professor:  Rama medical college 1 July 2014- 2nd June 2017

  • Associate Professor: Hind Institute of Medical Sciences- 2 June 2014 -30 June 2014         

  • Assistant Professor: Hind Institute of Medical Sciences - 1 June 2010- 1 June 2014

  • M.D Pathology tutor:  Kasturba medical college, Mangalore –Manipal University, 2007 – 2010   



  • Participated in international workshop on research grant writing on 10th-12th dec 2020
  • Basic course in biomedical research sep- dec 2019
  • CISP workshop at Rama medical college 28-30th May 2019
  • 5th hands-on workshop on cervical cancer screening at NICPR , Noida-2017
  • NABL internal auditor training( ISO 15189 :2012) –  2nd to 5th june 2016
  • Medical education technologies (MET): Jan 2014 (KGMU, Lucknow)
  • Workshop on research paper writing skills-2011
  • Online fellowship in GI pathology 2018
  • Online short course in soft tissue pathology- 2020



  • Participated as a Delegate in Virtual Cytopathology CME 2020 organised by dept of Pathology ,SRMS IMS, Bareilly on 13/12/2020.
  • Participated as chairperson in National SANCON at Santosh medical college, Ghaziabad on 10th and 11th October 2020
  • Participated as speaker in skills conclave at Santosh medical college, Ghaziabad on 3rd October 2020
  • Participated as delegate in webinar by Nasik practising practitioners association -18 Aug 2020
  • Attended the Live Webinar on “Evidence Based Medicine In Current Clinical Practice “On 13th Aug 2020
  • participated as Delegate in  CME titled 'Cytomorphometry in Different Diseases' held on 27 and 28 June 2020
  • Poster presentation on MTSCC a rare renal tumor  Feb 2020
  • Participated as chairperson in CME titled holistic approach to pain at Santosh medical college, Ghaziabad on 22nd Nov 2019-11-25
  • Participated in Westgard symposium quality control 2.0 on 13th may 2019
  • Delegate in the CME titled platelet counts & transfusion, Apollo hospital Noida 14th Nov 2018
  • Delegate in the CME titled liquid based gynae cytology and HPV testing at Fortis hospital ,Noida on 5th May 2018
  • CME on screening for cancer in women ,May 2018
  • First annual SSPH & PGTI update on Paediatric Transfusion Medicine practice -6 Aug.2017
  • International Cancer Congress 2016-haemtological Malignancies : controversies & consensus-7 Feb.2016
  • Pathcon & lab expo -13 dec 2015
  • CME on Hematology & transfusion medicine : The interface, Nov 2012
  • Thesis presented: “Cytodiagnosis of salivary gland tumors and its histopathological correlation” in 2009.
  • CME and Workshop in hematology, Mangalore- March (delegate). 2009
  • CME: ‘Interaction with Dr.Vinay Kumar (Robbins), Mangalore- June (delegate) 2009
  • Attended as a delegate in International CME in Pathology held at Goa Medical College, Goa in April 2009
  • KCIAPM- CME, Mangalore- February (delegate) 2008
  • KCIAPM- CME, Mangalore- March (delegate) 2008
  • KCIAPM- CME, Mangalore- July (delegate) 2008
  • KCIAPM- CME, Mangalore- March (delegate) 2008
  • CME on “Role of Immunophenotyping in the diagnosis of Lymphoid neoplasia” – October (delegate) 2008
  • KCIAPM- CME, Mangalore- November- (delegate)- Case presentation on “Small Cell Carcinoma of Larynx” 2008
  • KCIAPM CME, Mangalore - August (delegate) 2007
  • CME programme on Blood Safety, Mangalore- October (delegate) 2007
  • Poster presentation: “malignant melaonama of the cerivix and vagina” at KCIAPM State Conference in Davangere, Karnataka in November 2007
  • Indo-US CME (International) on Pediatric Hematology and Oncology- November (delegate) 2007



  • Seroprevalence of transfusion –transmissible infections among prospective blood donors in a tertiary health centre,Ghaziabad(U.P)
  • Cytomorphological study of palpable breast lump by Fine needle aspiration cytology
  • Histopathological study of endometrium in abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Clinicopathological patterns of anemia in children
  • Cytomorphological study of lymph node lesions in a tertiary care centre.



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  • “Cytodiagnosis of salivary gland tumors and its histopathological correlation”



•  Distinction  in Microbiology

•   First position in MBBS Final Professional Part 1

•  Second position in MBBS 2nd Professional

• Merits in anatomy, forensic medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, community medicine, ENT, Pharmacology, Ophthalmology.

•  First prize in medicine quiz -2004