MBBS, MD (TB & Respiratory Diseases, D.I.H (DIP. Industrial Hygiene)


EXPERIENCE: More than 22 years

As a professor in the medical college working as Guide to P.G. students along with regular teaching to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the pulmonary medicine department .


As Lecturer TB &Chest Deptt. in a medical college , I have experience of teaching both undergraduates and postgraduates students which includes classroom lectures, bedside clinics & examinations.


  • Trained to perform Bronchoscopy, PFT’S, ICT Drainage , Pleural aspiration, Pleural Biopsy

  • ABG interpretations & management, managing pt’s on LTOT, pre surgical evaluation of Respiratory cases. Chest Rehabilitation & physiotherapy for chronic chest cases.

  • As consultant chest physician responsible for conducting OPD, looking after indoor cases & attending respiratory cases in ICU and other wards as and when required.

  • As In charge & HOD of AV Jasani TB hospital,Rajkot,was responsible for total care of the TB cases ,MDR TB & their complications.

  • Have implemented WHO sponsored RNTCP Programme in and around Rajkot district & in our hospital as per govt. guideline.

  • In association with DTO & DTC Rajkot, many govt. implemented programme, have conducted workshops & training programme for Doctors, nurses ,paramedics for proper implementation of RNTCP programme.

  • Worked as TB-Urban coordinator alongwith WHO Consultant & DTO Rajkot for Rajkot city.

  • Presented a paper entitled ‘Prabhakar Pump Nebulizer At the national TB & Chest conference at Bhubaneswar,Orissa.

  • Have successfully completed the national cognitive skills performance exam. in accordance with standards & guidelines of Saudi/American Heart Association for Basic Cardiac Support.




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