Event Report Workshop on EBSCO

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Santosh Deemed to be University (Ghaziabad) organized a Workshop on ‘Biomedical Reference Collection: Unique collection from EBSCO for clinical researchers.’. Objective of the workshop is to orient the faculty towards EBSCO which is a biomedical reference collection for efficient and productive usage of the facility. Collaboration

  • The workshop is organized in association with EBSCO.
  • Execution
  • Event is executed at the Central Research Facility, Santosh Medical College and Hospital, Ghaziabad. The participation is received in physical mode on the location as well as in electronic mode through Zoom.
  • Mr Lakspat delivered the talk and oriented the listeners towards EBSCO.
  • Twenty six participants participated in the event. Names of participants:
  1. .Dr Tripta Bhagat
  2. .Dr Jyoti Batra
  3. .Dr Neeti Mittal
  4. .Dr Sivanesan
  5. .Dr Saurabh Gupta
  6. .Mr Manveen Singh
  7. .Dr Abhishek
  8. .Dr Alka Aggarwal
  9. .Dr Amit Kumar Mehta
  10. .Dr Anupama Singh
  11. .Dr Brijesh Sharan
  12. .Dr Dakshina
  13. .Dr Deepika Aggarwal
  14. .Dr Deepa Verma
  15. .Dr Gajendra Kumar Gupta
  16. .Dr Mayank Gupta
  17. .Dr Mayurika
  18. .Dr Neha Jetli
  19. .Dr Namita Kumar
  20. .Dr Nidhi Gupta
  21. .Dr Rashi Singh
  22. .Dr Shalabh
  23. .Dr Suveer Sharma
  24. .Dr Veenu Aggarwal
  25. .Dr Yogesh Yadav
  26. .Dr Kshree
  • Vote of thanks was delivered to the participants and organizers by Dr Neeti Mittal who extended gratitude to the Management, Leadership team, ‘Faculty — Central Research Unit, Santosh Deemed to be University’ and special thanks to Mr Lakspat who delivered a lucid presentation.