Santosh (Deemed to be) University - Scope of Research

  • 2021-04-23


In continuation of the efforts to strengthen Research at Santosh Deemed to be University, Under the Scope of Research, the third presentation meeting was held on the April 23rd 2021. Respected CMD sir, along with Chancellor Sir, all the Deans and the faculty members those who are assigned as team leaders in the Scope of Research teams were present in the meeting. A representative from all the 11 teams have shared the updates that happened in the last 12 days with the views of detailed specifics on how to enrich research in our institution.

Details of the Presentation Meeting - 3

Date & Time : 23rd April 2021 & 11.00am

Venue : Maharaja Hall

Meeting Agenda : Details of the moving ahead into the plans of action

to enhance the research activities at Santosh Deemed to be University.

The meeting was started around 11.05am, where our respected CMD sir, Chancellor sir, Dean Medical, Dean Dental, Dean Academics, Dean Research, IQAC Director along with all the members of the different teams (25 members including Chancellor sir) were present in the meeting.

With the warm welcoming given by our Chancellor sir, Dr. Sivanesan Dhandayuthapani requested the representing members of each team in a sequence to come on to the podium to present the outcomes based on their meetings with the fellow team members and the faculty members and the implementation of their plans into action on the specifics to enhance the research environment in a detailed manner.

Ph. D., Programmes

Presenter: Dr. Akshay Bhargava, Dean Dental. Suggestions are as follows:

  1. Research Advisory Committee (RAC) calendar for the database creation has to be revisited from the year 2012, since the start of the Ph. D., programs at our institute.
  2. All the pending reallocation of the guides/mentors for the students for those whose guides have been superannuated/resigned their jobs with our institution has been approved and awaiting for Vice-Chancellor madam’s arrival to pass the circular.
  3. As soon as Vice-Chancellor madam is available, the work has to be speed up.
  4. According to UGC regulations, due to COVID19 pandemic, time limit for submission of their assignments/thesis will be extended till Jun-2021 for candidates whose deadline were till Dec-2019.
  5. More RAC meetings can be planned to clear the backlog.


Presenter: Dr. Jyoti Batra, Dean Research. Suggestions are as follows:

  1. The proposal regarding the Not for profit (Section-8) and for Profit (Commercialization) submitted to the management will be approved soon.
  2. Further, an auditor and a lawyer will be introduced into the loop to discuss it more and bring into the action. The same will be finalized by the next meeting.

Students Research Cell

Presenter: Dr. Subhra Malik, Reader, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. Suggestions are as follows:

  1. Final approval of the proposal format for the Student’s Summer Research Fellowship program from the concern authority through proper channel should be done.
  2. Application open date for the fellowships through short-term students (STS) research program should be monitored and intimated to the students and faculty members as well.
  3. For the STS fellowships, based on the project ideas generated so far, the proposal can be constructed and keep ready till the call- for application is opened. Faculty members can help in this regard.
  4. Faculty members can help the students to construct the proposal based on the Seed Money projects as well, as suggested by Dean Medical.


Presenter: Dr. Manisha Gupta, Professor of OBGYN. Suggestions are as follows:

  1. All the Deans of different faculty can identify at least five research papers with more novelty and innovative outcomes and the same can be recommended for the fast-track publication.
  2. The grey areas identified based on the so far search done by the Publication/Scopus team can be focused to bring out as publications or books/book chapters as well.

University Journals

Presenter: Dr. Mayank Singhal, Reader, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Suggestions are as follows:

  1. Keep track on to the sources for indexing the journal with the databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, UGC-Care, etc.
  2. At least 50% of achievements are expected in the next one year period.
  3. Keep working on contacting the Guest editorial members to finalize the panel, revenue generation and journal visualization etc.

Outreach & Extension Activities

Presenter: Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Professor of Biochemistry. Suggestions are as follows:

  1. MOUs that has been and/or are being created based on the outreach & Extension Activities has to be shared with the Collaboration & MOUs team under the Scope of Research.
  2. Whenever doing the outreach activities, the team can seek and get the Recognition, Awards and/or appreciation letters from the organization, which would be accountable for the NAAC purposes.

Collaborations & MOUs

Presenter: Dr. Shweta Bali, Prof & HOD, Periodontics. Suggestions are as follows:

  • Based on the MOUs and collaborations, more activities can be held.
  • Clinical Trials

    Presenter: Dr. Sanjay Sahay, Prof & Head, Department of Respiratory Medicine. Suggestions are as follows:

    1. Clinical Trials in our institution is one of the grey areas, need to be concentrated more and move ahead.
    2. More sensitization for the faculty members can be done.
    3. As mentioned, the workshop on Clinical Trials by INSIGNIA can be organized.
    4. Few more Consultants and Pharmaceutical companies can be approached to get more clinical trials.
    IPR & Consultancy

    Presenter Dr. Shalabh Gupta, Dean Academics, Professor of General Surgery. Suggestions are as follows:

  • Since the revenue generated through the Consultancy services in attached/ancillary hospitals are accounted into the University account and can be accountable for the NAAC purposes, all the faculty members may be more sensitized.
  • Awards & Fellowships

    Presenter: Dr. Shalabh Gupta, Dean Academics, Professor of General Surgery. Suggestions are as follows:

    1. Recognition, Awards agencies has been shared, and the faculty members has to be sensitized to apply for the same.
    2. Even the number of the awards received by the same faculty members would be considerable at one or the other places, all the faculty should be sensitized for trying for these awards.
    3. Few of the calls open for the application to receive awards has been shared into the Scope of research group, all the other faculty members should also be informed and motivated.
    Ethics Committee

    Presenter: Dr. Ezhilrajan, Deputy Registrar. Updates are as follows:

    1. The status of our application through the web is still showing “Application is under Processing”, in-person visit to the office is considered.
    2. Because of the COVID19 and lockdown situation, most of the officials are not in their seats, once this situation is back to normal, in-person approach to the office will be possible.

    Meeting adjourn: The meeting was concluded at 12.25pm with a word of thanks to all by our Chancellor sir.

    Even though the meeting has been concluded with the time limit of an hour and 20 minutes, it is expected to be more organized for the next presentation meeting. Since all the team leaders are known to everyone, spelling out the names in all the meetings can be avoided to save time.

    Since the Presentation slides are supposed to be shared with our Chancellor Sir a day before the presentation, it is requested to all the team coordinators and the leaders to kindly share the same at least 24 hrs before the next meetings. Please mark your calendar for the next presentation meeting date, which will be tentatively on the 3rd of May 2021.