MBBS, MD (Pediatrics)



  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Dialysis Medicine (2015) from IGNOU

  • Bronze Medal for 2nd position in Physiology during MBBS and 

  • Bronze medal for overall excellent performance and first position during MD examination.

  • Special commendation certificate for running Polio eradication for pulse polio.



  • Bronze medal in MD Pediatrics for standing first in the examination

  • Bronze medal in physiology MBBS examination for second position

  • Awarded state medal for Pulse Polio Programme by Govt. of Delhi

  • Awarded meritorious teacher award by National Board of examination in 2019-2020.




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  • International Conference on Birth Defects and Disabilities 2015 in Tanzania: Poster presentation: “Prevalence and spectrum of birth defects at birth in tertiary care hospital”
  • WHO fellowship on early parent to child intervention (Kangaroo Mother Care) in Sweden in March, 2015.
  • Delhi IAP Conference, 2015: acted as one of the judges for oral presentations.
  • Neocon 2015 at Bhubneswar: guest speaker (Topic: Follow up of pre-term newborns), acted as one of the judges for oral presentations and quiz coordinator for nurses.
  • Attended Dr. K. C. Chaudhary Oration organized by IJP and AIIMS on 13th September, 2015.
  • National facilitator for IAP for Mission Udai and mission Vaccine and infection
  • National facilitator for NRP, FBNC, for NNF ,India
  • GOI facilitator for ARSH,IMNCI,FIMNCI and HBNC
  • Nominated as an expert by GNCT,Delhi for evaluation of AEFI
  • Expert in pediatrics for national
  • Examiner for pediatrics for MBBS,MD and DCH and PGDMCH and DNB
  • Invited as an expert by many professional bodies for expert talk like ILBS,IAP etc.
  • PI for many research projects for WHOSearo) like NBBD and DBT like sepsis markers etc.
  • Inter-country facilitator for IYCF programme and ICCM for WHO
  • IAP faculty for school health 
  • Examiner for MD in pediatrics for many universities like PGIMER, Chandigarh, HP university and Delhi and IP university 
  • Guest faculty for RAK college of Nursing, Delhi
  • Academics counselor and programme Study I/C IGNOU for PGDMCH programme,GOI