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Lip print pattern and blood group of the blood sample taken from the scene of crime constitute very important supplementary aids in crime detection. The study of lip print pattern ( Chieloscopy) is based on the arrangement of ridges and grooves on the vermi llion zones of lips.

 There are six types of lip print patterns – type - I, type - II, type - III, type - IV, type - V, type - Y . Similarly there are two main types of blood groups in humans – ABO, & RH types. There are strong evidences of predominance of a particular li p print pattern and blood group in females &males respectively.

These findings are of great importance in personal identification and juris prudence. There are also evidences of correlations between lip print pattern and ABO, RH blood groups, being governe d by genes.

The present study was undertaken by myself  to establish the prevalence of lip print pattern & Blood groups in male and female subjects separately & as combined group of a particular area, and to find any correlation between lip prints and blood grou ps of the said subjects.

 SETTING & DESIGNS: The study was carried out on the local residents of Pratap V ihar, Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad ( Western UP belt).

 MATERIAL & METHODS: Our study consisted of 100 female and 100 male subjects, between the age group of 20 to 30 years from whom proper written consent was taken and aims along with clinical applications of the study were explained thoroughly.

 RESULTS: The predominant lip prin t pattern observed both in females & male was type I followed by type Y. The predominant blood group seen In females was B + followed by A + , followed by O + , where as in males the pattern noted was B + followed by O + followed by A + . In the Combined Study, the most predominant lip print pattern was type - I followed by type - Y. Predominant blood group - B + followed by O + and A + . Correlation - type - I followed by type Y lip print pattern was seen in all A + ,B + ,O + blood grouped

CONCLUSION: Our study shows a definite preponderance and a pattern of lip prints and blood group in females, males separately and as a combined group; in addition it also points to a definite correlation between lip print pattern & ABO blood group and ABO blood group amongst the subjects of western UP belt.

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