MSc Clinical psychology is a two-year professional course that provides students with in-depth and complete detail of the various elements of clinical psychology. MSc Clinical psychology encompasses the following wide-ranging concepts of clinical psychology: Human behaviour, Human mental health, Clinical depression, Mental illness, Anxiety, Mental disorders, Personality traits. MSc clinical psychology will equip you with knowledge of brain chemistry, emotional stability and to identify different mental health issues. This professional course will help you, help others dealing with mental health problems.

Eligibility criteria

Candidate must be graduate- bsc-science graduate (preferably zoology & chemistry) bot/ bpt/ mbbs/ ba (psychology) or any other life science/ health science degrees.

Equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution/ university with english medium background.

Total course fees

Rs. 133600

Amount to be deposited at admission time

Rs. 42600 & 7 post-dated cheques of rs. 13000 for each quarterer.

Course outline


Group-a (theory papers)

  • General psychology (advansed)-50 hrs
  • Biological foundation of behaviour (physiological psychology & neuropsychology)
  • Life span & development of behaviour-
  • History & development of clinical psychology -
  • Theories of personality


  • 10 case studies (only histories) (administration of required psychological tests) (comprising of child, adolescents & adults).


Group-a-(theory papers)

  •  Research methodology & biostatistics.
  •  Social psychology (advansed).
  •  Geriatric psychology.
  •  Elective (to be chosen by the student).
  •  (clinical psychology (advanced) / counselling psychology/ organizational psychology).

Group-b- (practicals) (psychological testing)

5 cases-detailed clinical examinations (comprising child, adolescent & adults).

Career prospectives

There are various job options available after you complete your course in Clinical psychology. We have enlisted the job profiles for you below:

  • Career counsellor
  • Counselling psychologist
  • Executive director
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Organizational psychologist
  • Rehabilitation counsellor