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Master of Science anatomy or MSc Anatomy is a postgraduate degree course. Its duration is 2 year. MSc in anatomy help in understanding the basic concept of research methodology and development of skills required for teaching medical student. You can study different subject like gross anatomy, comparative anatomy, microscopic anatomy, development anatomy and neuroanatomy etc.


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Eligibility Criteria:

A student must have passed BSc with minimum one subject of biological science /BAMS/MBBS/BPT/B. Pharma or any other equivalent graduation from a recognized university. BSc graduate with physics and chemistry optional could be considered for admission to this course if seats are left.


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Course Outline:

  • Gross Anatomy
  • Histology and Histochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Development Anatomy and Teratogenesis
  • Immunology
  • Neuroanatomy
  • Radiological and Imagine Anatomy


Career Prospectives:

  1. Medical Education: Graduates can work as medical educators in academic institutions, teaching anatomy to medical, nursing, and other allied health students.
  2. Anatomist: Graduates can work as anatomists in research and academic institutions, investigating the structure and function of the human body, developing new techniques for anatomical research, and contributing to the development of medical technologies.
  3. Healthcare: Graduates can work in healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and research institutes, as part of medical teams in surgery, radiology, or pathology departments.
  4. Medical Writing and Communication: Graduates can work as medical writers and communicators, developing educational materials, scientific papers, and other publications related to anatomy and healthcare.
  5. Forensic Science: Graduates can work in forensic science, providing anatomical expertise in criminal investigations, post-mortem examinations, and court proceedings.
  6. Industry: Graduates can work in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, contributing to the development and testing of new medical technologies, products, and drugs.
  7. Further Studies: Graduates can pursue further advanced studies in fields such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, or a PhD in anatomy, to pursue academic or research careers.

Overall, an MSc Medical Anatomy degree provides a solid foundation for a wide range of career opportunities in the healthcare sector and beyond.