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About - International Student Cell

The trending idea of internationalism and concerns with global community in the fields of medicine, science and technology, economics and culture; recognition of the benefits of international education experiences and research associations; is the need to invite international scholars and students to the Santosh Deemed to be University.

Options of studying at international campuses is rapidly expanding in all fields of education and majorly due to the prospective opportunities for internships and innovative research and coaching standards. Courses and programs across all subjects now include global perspectives. Collaboration with international campuses and research networks around the world are widely accepted and flourishing.

An exclusive office The International students cell (ISC) at Santosh Deemed to be University has been established to deal with the academic processes and directions to the concerns of international students and to seize the best of the opportunities and defeat the challenges with these trends. It gives visibility to international initiatives – including, studying abroad, international co-ops, and university partnerships; promotes international research collaboration; facilitates understanding of the impact of globalization; prepares students to be internationally educated citizens; and encourages productive international synergies among students, scholars, alumni, and community.

The ISC is a great place to start exploring the international connections and opportunities at Santosh Deemed to be University with the policies and directives for developing partnerships and initiatives however additionally provides vital links to resources and programming for students and institutions.

Internationally meticulous fulltime undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, Ph.D Research Program, certificates and professional development programs designed to boost your career are available at Santosh Deemed to be University.

Objective of International Student Cell

The International Student Cell is ambitioned with a purpose to take utmost care of International students during their stay from the time of their admission to the completion of their study. To promote cordial student-student and student-teacher relationship. ISC would work to ensure assistance, support and integrate international students in various events of the institution.

Standard Operating Procedure

The ISC shall
  1. Exemplify updated UGC / NMC / DCI / NAAC guidelines for Admission of International Students periodically.

  2. Maintain details of International students admitted to MBBS / BDS / MD / MS / MDS / PhD / B.Sc / M.Sc / Fellowship Programme / Courses every year and coordinate with the related departments.

  3. Shall periodically assess and evaluate the requirements of the international students on the existence and functioning of the cell.

  4. Conduct quarterly meetings in a year to cater to the grievances of international students and resolve them.

  5. Introduce International Students to the college premises and activities without any obstacles.

  6. Resolve the grievance of international students.

  7. To provide the students awareness on the local laws, customs, language and civic facilities

Mode of Contact

International Students Cell offers following services:

  1. Complete Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) process.

  2. Prospective International Student pre-registration process.

  3. Consultation on visa/immigration issues

  4. General counselling and advice

  5. Visit visa for NEET Exam

  6. Student Visa after admission

  7. Student Visa after admission

  8. Accommodation

  9. Passport/Visa Renewal

  10. Foreign Exchange

  11. Awareness of Indian Laws/Legal Help if required

  12. Apprenticeships/Internships/Trainings

  13. Bank Account Opening

  14. IELTS/English Training for students from non-English speaking countries

  15. Facilitating Twinning Programmes

  16. Flexibility in multiple entry and exits in the Academic Programmes through Academic Bank of Credits and Choice Based Credit System

  17. Annual Alumni Connect Meet