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It involves methods through which teeth are restored and the original amount of hard tissue of teeth is also conserved. This ensures the aesthetic appearance of tooth. Aesthetic restorative dentistry includes procedures that are intended to enhance the aesthetics, replace the missing tooth, reshape a tooth and improve the function of tooth as well as the smile of patient.



Tooth bonding is a basic procedure that will solve the aesthetic concerns quickly. Composite tooth bonding is a type of bonding that can work wonders for the smile. The natural look of a tooth can be achieved by using the materials that match the shade, translucency and texture of the teeth. This also allows a patient to eat, bite and chew normally. It is excellent choice for small defects like

1. Spots and discolorations

2.Gaps between the teeth


Dental composites have continued to evolve with the development of smaller particle sizes, better bonding systems, curing procedures and sealing systems.


1.Aesthetic appearance

2. Conservation of tooth structure

3.Better bonding to tooth structure

4.Easily repairable

5. No corrosion

6.No health Hazard

7.Cheaper then porcelain

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