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Whether you like it or not, that space in between your teeth has a name. A diastema is a space between two teeth most commonly seen in maxillary central incisor. It is most commonly seen in children. It is considered as normal phenomenon of child’s development and is a self correcting anomaly. There are several other causes for diastema such as small teeth and prominent lip attachment.

Diastema Mythology:

In some African countries it is considered as a sign of fertility.
In France, they are considered as lucky teeth (“dents du Bonheur”)
In Australia, diastema is the indicator of future wealth

Treatment Modalities:

Diastema generally has no adverse effect on oral health but people prefer correction for diastema because of aesthetic concerns. There are various modalities for diastema closure such as-

Dental braces- It is a complete treatment with set of dental braces and retainer therapy as changing the position of one tooth can affect the entire dentition.
Cosmetic restoration- Aesthetic composite resins are generally used for diastema closure. It requires a gradual composite build-up and stripping of some part in order to achieve shape and size of natural tooth.

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