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Biochemistry is the science of life. All our life processes that include walking, talking, moving, feeding – are all essentially chemical reactions. So biochemistry is supremely interesting and is actually the chemistry of life.

Biochemistry, being the broadest of the basic sciences, includes many subspecialties such as bioorganic chemistry, physical biochemistry, neurochemistry, clinical biochemistry, molecular genetics, biochemical pharmacology, and immunochemistry. 

It provides the basis for practical advances in medicine, biotechnology, veterinary medicine, and agriculture. A biochemist is the one who seeks to determine how specific molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, vitamins, and hormones function in such processes. Regulation of chemical reactions in living cells is of particular emphasis. It triggers and includes exciting new fields as bioengineering and molecular genetics.

Where can a budding biochemist go?

Medicine: The causes of disease, figuring out their transference from one generation to the other, identifying their effect on the body in chemical terms, and making an effort to isolate the indicators that signal looming disease is what is identified in medical biochemistry. All these require tracking of the chemical alterations through normal bodily functions which include respiration, muscle contraction, etc.

Nutrition: In this human world, thousands of different diet patterns are built on some near invariable essentials such as minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. The job of a biochemist is to investigate their effect on the human body in cases of excess or scarcity of these essentials.

Agriculture: biochemists are mitigating that impairment by developing innovations in cultivation, improvising the methods of pest control and also optimizing crop storage

Jobs directly related to an MD(Biochemistry) degree include:

●      Research Fellow

●      Analytical chemist

●      Biomedical scientist

●      QA / AC Associate

●      Healthcare scientist

●      Clinical biochemist

●      Food Safety Analyst

●      Clinical research associate

●      Toxicologist

●      Research scientist

●      Professor

Some of the Public sector fields offering a career in Biochemistry field are as follows:

●      Educational Institutes

●      Drug Manufacturing Companies

●      Blood Bank & Services

●      Cancer research institutes

●      Industrial Laboratories

●      Research Departments

●      Agriculture and fisheries

●      Environmental Pollution Control

●      Forensic Science

●      Hospitals

●      Public Health Laboratories

●      Cosmetic Industries