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Breast feeding is a boon to baby as well as mother. It is not only the responsibility of the mother to ensure breastfeeding of baby, but it’s a shared responsibility of the society as well. This is the theme for the WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK in year 2021-“Protect breastfeeding- a shared responsibility”

Early Initiation

Research has shown that in the one hour following the birth, new-borns are in a state of alertness, which is accompanied by a strong sucking reflex. These early feeds have an imprinting effect and help to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

Benefits of Breastfeeding to the Mother

There is less postpartum bleeding and more rapid uterine involution, if the mother is breastfeeding her baby. There are decreased chances of breast cancer and ovarian cancers rates in women who breastfeed their babies. Lactational amenorrhea can be used as a contraceptive measure, if the mother is exclusively breastfeeding her baby for six months.

Diet for Mothers

Foods for nursing mothers should be fresh, unprocessed and have little additives in them. The diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables,
whole grains, rice, wheat, corn, barley, Lean proteins, chicken, turkey, dairy products and eggs. Fat intake should be limited

Proper Latching

If baby is not latched on properly while nursing, the mother will have pain.

Importance of Burping

After breastfeeding babies need to be burped. Not burping after nursing can give babies uncomfortable gas pains and make them fussy. The most common position is holding the baby over your shoulder and gently patting her on the back.

Breastfeeding on Demand

There should be breastfeeding on demand, meaning by breastfeeding whenever the baby or mother wants, with no restrictions on the length or frequency of feeds.

Easy Care of Cracked Nipples

When nipples are in this condition, severe pain can result when the baby latches on to the breast to feed.
The constant sucking of a nursing child and presence of digestive saliva can cause the breast to dry and crack.Wash breasts only once a day and avoid using soap. Avoid medicated lotions and ointments application on the sore nipple. Gently apply hind milk  onto nipple and areola  after each feed.


There should be no pain during breastfeeding.
If the problem is not caused by dryness, the most frequently problem is a shallow latch due to a flat looking nipple/inverted nipple. To correct this mother should manually stretch and roll the nipple between the thumb and finger several times a day. Mother should grasp the breast tissue so that areola forms a teat and allows the baby to feed. Pain can also be caused by a condition known as tongue tie. If correcting the latch does not help with the pain, consult the doctor to examine the baby for tongue tie

Knowing all the above facts mothers will alleviate their anxiety regarding breastfeeding issues.

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