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“MBBS is not just a study, it’s a responsibility!”

Well, if you are reading this article today, you must have prepared yourself for MBBS entrance tests during your school years. You might have a full action plan on how to crack the MBBS exams. But, have you ever thought about what to do next after passing out of med school?

Are you aware that apart from practicing as a junior doctor or a senior physician in government or private hospitals, there are a plethora of other career options to choose from after completing an MBBS degree? Well, if you have not planned your future properly, stay calm. As in this article, we will discuss the list of careers that one can opt for after completion of an MBBS degree!

Career Options To Choose From After MBBS Degree In Medical Colleges

Though you might have a full plan of action on how to get enrolled in your dream MBBS college, it becomes more important to set your eyes on your career besides pursuing an MBBS. Now, you might think that the ultimate purpose of a medical student is to get a job in private or government hospitals and serve the patients. But, it is a pleasure to announce that there are a plethora of other options that an MBBS opens to you. You just need to choose the one which suits your purpose.

1. Specialization

The most preferred career option after MBBS is specialization. One can choose from vast options such as specialization in gynecology or pathology and pediatric among others. Specialization courses shape the individual’s knowledge of a specific study. Specialist doctors are exposed to exponential growth along with an impressive paycheck.

2. Research

If you want to play it safe, then research is your thing! Top MBBS colleges in Delhi NCR such as AIIMS, ICMR, and Santosh University offer research opportunities to MBBS degree holders. Though you can research personally, joining WHO will give you more exposure in your related fields. You can research a variety of topics such as public health or social medicine. The options are endless, choose what feeds your purpose!

3. MHA

Another career option that has high demand in the present scenario is an MHA degree. And what can be better than pursuing an MHA after MBBS?

Career options in MHA range from healthcare companies and private or government hospital. Candidates who pursue this course can further join a clinic, nursing home, or hospital. Opting for MHA after MBBS can land you on high-pay scale jobs of up to l Lac monthly package.

4. Combined Medical Services

If you want to land yourself in government jobs after completion of MBBS from top medical colleges, appearing for a combined medical services exam is a must. Conducted every year by the Union Public Service Commission, this entrance exam is a tough nut to crack but is all worth it. Candidates selected can be employed in various government jobs such as the Assistant Divisional Medical Officers.

5. Defense Services

If you want to explore the defense services, opting for a job in the army or navy after an MBBS degree can be your thing. You can work with the infantry units or emergency departments, added to that you will be trained for military service as well. Besides an impressive paycheck, the respect and honour that you will receive are unparalleled.

Apart from the above-mentioned career options, there are innumerable options that will open themselves up after you complete an MBBS degree. Ranging from medical writers to research analysts, courses in hospital management, legal medical advisor, and teaching and masters in different subjects such as biomedical engineering among others, the options are never-ending. Ask yourself which is the most suitable for you, in sync with your hobbies and interests, and choose the one that meets your passion!

MBBS Colleges In Delhi NCR

While we have discussed the various career scopes after an MBBS, it is also equally important to enroll yourself in the top MBBS colleges. Top MBBS colleges in Delhi such as AIIMS and Santosh University have been ranked among the best MBBS colleges.

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  5. Students will get comprehensive learning as well as clinical training in Delhi NCR.

Added to it is the high evaluation style that ensures high academic standards. So, what are you waiting for? Join Santosh University and give your dreams the wings to fly!