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Anatomy is the science which deals with the study of the structure of the body. The department of Anatomy is involved in medical teaching and training at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. Research and practice of histology tissue processing, cadaveric dissection, museum specimen preparation, cytology are what the department specializes in. Courses like P.hd in clinical Anatomy, MD Anatomy, etc are offered by the anatomy department. The department is also an active collaborator and organizer of various cadaveric workshops for post-graduate training and skills training in surgical and allied disciplines. The department imparts its students with high quality, clinically relevant education in an experiential learning environment. Traditional and innovative methods are used to train the students with all the branches of human anatomy. Providing comprehensive knowledge of the gross and microscopic structure and development of the human body is the sole mission of our department. Students are also provided with a better understanding of the anatomical structure, various clinical problems, and disease presentations. Routine histological and cytology research is performed by the well-equipped research facility.

The main thrust areas for research in the department are imaging anatomy, osteology, and cadaveric studies. The research is conducted on patients and other human material and animal models. This department leads in education, anatomical sciences and would like to continue to do so. Major activities of the department are centered on teaching and research. 100 students are admitted each year to the MBBS course. Emphasis is also placed on the inculcation and development of empathy, in pursuit of producing compassionate and innovative medical professionals who place the interests of their patients foremost. An inquiry-driven approach is encouraged among students to keep their initiative and interest alive by making them active participants in the teaching-learning process.

Around 36 students have been enrolled in the Ph.D. program up to date out of which 06 got awarded by doctorate degrees and are working in various medical colleges in India as Faculty.


Doctor of Medicine in Anatomy is a Post Graduate Course in Anatomy which is considered as the mother of all medical subjects. Post-Graduation and Ph.D. in clinical anatomy etc have wide global career opportunities. Opportunities offered by post-graduation in anatomy are as follows-

  1. A) Faculty in Various Medical, Dental, and Paramedical colleges.
  2. B) An Anatomist has tremendous scope in radiology, CT Scan & MRI centers by virtue of his/her knowledge of the subject.
  3. C) The knowledge of embryology offers enough Global opportunities in the field of infertility & IVF clinics.
  4. D) Knowledge of genetics makes the Anatomist grow fast in the field of medicine for diagnosis & treatment.
  5. E) An anatomist by virtue of his knowledge about the whole human body (both gross & microscopic) can have a place in the field of Medical jurisprudence and criminology.
  6. F) By virtue of anatomical knowledge, an anatomist is a right person to be employed in the science of physical anthropology to solve medico-legal problems for the identification of individuals of different races and areas.

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