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It's important to brush your teeth twice per day to prevent tooth decay and remove plaque formation, but did you know you can actually damage your tooth enamel by applying to much pressure when you brush? When you wear away your tooth enamel due to an external force, such as vigorous or aggresive brushing, nail biting, chewing on hard objects or using an abrasive toothpaste, your teeth undergo a process called dental abrasion.

Eventually, abrasion causes notches to appear on your teeth, often at the place where they meet the gumline. The exposed area may be darker than the rest of your tooth because the white enamel has worn down, exposing the layer of dentin located underneath.

Tooth sensitivity is another common symptom of abrasion. If left untreated, dental abrasion may lead to cavities and even tooth loss.

These non-carious lesions can be restored with a very conservative approach using direct restoration techniques. The direct restorations helps us to mask the deep notches as well as relieves the patient from the sensitivity. It is very aesthetic since it is tooth coloured and so makes the smile more appealing.

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