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People think dental treatment is expensive. Yes, it does involve a lot of technique and various material costs to be borne by the dentist to restore a tooth. But having said that, dental costs can be kept to a minimal by practicing preventive dental treatment. That would involve you visiting a dentist every 6 months for a routine check-up. During such visits if dental problems are detected and treated early on, the added dental expense of advanced treatment can be avoided. Also, to prevent tooth problems, learning and practicing good oral hygiene methods is very important. Good food habits in maintaining oral health is a very important factor that is many a times ignored. Preventive measures are not just limited to adults but also to children. Such preventive treatment can help children have a caries free childhood. For example, your dentist can brush a protective shield, called sealant, on the chewing surface of your teeth to protect your enamel and essentially prevent cavities from forming. The cost of a sealant can range between 500 – 800 rupees per tooth. On the other hand, treating cavities can cost anywhere between1000-1500 rupees. This case is a simple example portraying the importance of routine visits to the dentist. Down the road, you will save your money and teeth!
Likewise, if a cavity is left untreated, it will dig deep down until it reaches the root of your tooth. That can only be treated by a procedure called Root Canal Therapy (RCT). RCT prices range from 2500 to 5000 rupees. Considering this, preventing any dental disease from becoming too serious will save you money. The goal is to catch small problems early!
“You only need to go to the dentist if your teeth hurt.”
You might be aware of the saying “prevention is better than cure.” What is relatively less heard of is that diagnosing and curing a tooth problem at an earlier stage is much easier and cost-effective than if it were to be addressed later. Even if you aren’t experiencing dental pain, we recommend seeing a dentist twice a year for regular cleanings and exams. Some dental issues are asymptomatic but can still cause infection and need treatment. If you were to wait too long, the treatment needed may be more expensive than if the disease were caught before it worsened. Also, the tooth has a lesser chance of being saved at a later point in time.
Altogether, prevention saves you both time and money in the long-run.

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