DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in

The Department of Microbiology works towards a broad, encompassing access to knowledge and education and assists students to unravel deeper dimensions of learning and experimentation to become imaginative, integrated beings who constructively and creatively contribute to healthcare, environment, and society and who play a vital role in the advancement of learning and understanding. We also envision the creation of excellent microbiologists who through the integration of multi-dimensional academics, co-curricular, and personality development with the University curriculum work towards producing individuals to be intellectual with strong moral character to willingly serve the community, foster creativity, well-balanced practicality and global-minded. 


The faculty in the Department of Microbiology helps you to develop a variety of subject-specific skills. These include the ability to employ a range of investigative, recording and analysis techniques, prepare, interpret and present data, using statistical programmes, qualitative and quantitative techniques, and spreadsheets, conduct literature searches and critically evaluate information, undertake practical laboratory investigations in a safe, responsible and ethical manner, apply scientific thought, rationales and approaches. Other than these opportunities are given to develop other skills like teamwork and the ability to work on your own initiative, a flexible approach to work, problem-solving skills, communication, time management, and organizational skills and the ability to evaluate your own performance and that of others.