DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in

In the practice of infectious disease modern medicine has led to dramatic changes. The Department of Microbiology assures the quality of laboratory results, timeliness of diagnosis, appropriateness of treatment, effective communication, reduction of healthcare-associated infections, advances in infectious disease practice, and training of future practitioners continuing in such a direction.

On the basis of our current knowledge, the management of infectious diseases is crucial to physicians by diagnostic testing, means of epidemiological detection, and future innovation required in an era of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases. Microbiology labs are thus the first line of detection and defense in the event of new emerging microbial resistance or outbreaks of illness. Adequate staffing with specially trained medical technologists is required for successful detection and interpretation of results. It is also is a crucial component of the infection control team responsible for preventing healthcare-associated infections, thus promoting good patient care outcomes.

The Department is firmly committed to the management and control of infectious diseases, not only for the immediate time but also for the long-term future needs of patients and health care providers. It provides a platform for students to the role of authentic research experiences and fostering critical thinking skills by reading and participating in scientific literature and communicating written and oral findings. This has borne fruitful results in establishing their potential through research publications and presentations. 

With national attention focused on an increase for inhouse research-quality data to providing a platform for scientific research, the need to be able to tackle infectious diseases and the goal of improving the quality of health care outcomes continues.

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