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MD in Physiology or Doctor of Medicine is a course which is offered by Santosh Deemed to be University. It provides the basis for understanding the functions in human body by exploring the studies of normal biological functions. A MBBS degree holder from a recognized university by the medical council of India can pursue this course. It is a 3-year post-graduate course that covers the concepts related to human physiology.

During the program, the students are given knowledge of the human body processes.

This program aims at developing an understanding of the function of the various systems of the human body and to increase the fundamental knowledge in areas of normal physiology among students. The students will be trained for a successful career by the curriculum of this program by the study of physiological concepts through experimentation are included in this course. The study of muscular, skeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, urinary, immune, digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems are some of the topics which are covered in this curriculum.

Opportunities after M.D in Physiology from Santosh

During the course, the students will learn the basics of human physiology, will learn how to deliver proper lectures and conduct all the hematology and human practical with an emphasis on techniques like ECG, EMG, NCV, BERA, SPIROMETRY, TREADMILL TESTING, BP RECORDING which will help them to understand medicine better. Along with these students are taught how to formulate a research question, design a study and write a thesis with the steps required to publish research articles. Santosh University is the best way to join MD Physiology Course in Delhi NCR.

After completion of the course the various opportunities for the students are:

  1. To join as a Senior Demonstrator in a medical/Dental College
  2. To join as an Assistant Professor in a Medical/Dental College
  3. To join as a Clinical neurophysiologist in a laboratory where techniques like EEG, EMG, BERA, NCV, and Evoked potentials are done
  4. To join as an electro-physiologist in a laboratory where techniques like ECG, HRV, Autonomic function testing, Treadmill testing, and BMR are done to name a few.
  5. To join as a clinical physiologist in a Sleep laboratory for sleep studies
  6. To join as an endocrinologist for Diabetes studies in laboratory
  7. To join as a Ph.D. candidate in universities in India and Abroad
  8. To join as a teaching faculty in private postgraduate coaching centers like DAMS etc.
  9. To join as a medical advisor for a medical equipment company in India and abroad.

Why Choose Santosh?

  • A top institution in India for the study of Medicine.
  • Runs on a triple mission of service, education, and research.
  • An environment of learning and discovery apart from your degree will be offered.
  • An atmosphere to research in the health sciences, as well as extensive healthcare, will be provided.
  • Advanced educational experience with guest lectures.
  • A separate room for self-reading for the students in the library.
  • A seamless learning experience with Santosh’s lecture theaters.
  • Experience integrated teaching methodology through a structured teaching program.
  • Preventive, primitive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of medical care will be taught.
  • Experience an aesthetic environment for your overall development and growth.