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You are never too late for your Orthodontic Treatment. Get your teeth straighten with Clear Aligner at Department of Orthodontics at Santosh Dental College, Ghaziabad. Clear aligners have become extremely popular for treating minor to moderate malocclusions and perfecting smiles invisibly. Instead of traditional braces, which can impact the aesthetics of the wearer's face, Clear Aligner is a system of invisible custom-fit plastic trays worn over the teeth, and removed while eating and drinking. They are an especially popular choice for adults and teens, who want a less visible treatment plan that is practically unnoticeable.

One of the primary advantages of Clear Aligner treatment is that it is patient-centered. It means that you can control many aspects of your treatment. You will receive several sets of aligners at each visit. Rather than monthly visit to the office for adjustments, you shift to the next tray set in progression every two weeks. This puts you in charge of your treatment. Aligners shift your teeth into new positions gradually. While you may experience some minor discomfort when moving to the next tray set, this generally eases within a few days.

You need to wear aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day for the treatment to work correctly. You will remove them for eating and drinking, but should wear them at all other times. However, if you have a huge presentation for work, you can remove for sometime. Just remember to reinsert them after you complete your presentation. Created with the use of 3-D computer imaging, these sleek aligners let you enjoy your favorite foods and drinks during treatment.

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