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Gingival recession is a dental condition characterized by the displacement of the gingival margin, gum tissue surrounding the teeth. The condition occurs when the gum tissue moves downward, exposing more of the root surface. This can lead to discomfort and an unattractive appearance in the mouth.


There are several causes of gingival recession, mainly aggressive brushing habits. Additionally, periodontal disease, misaligned dental arches, trauma caused by large dental restorations, and incorrect orthodontic treatment can also contribute to the development of gingival recession.


The treatment goal for gingival recession is to prevent further recession and restore a normal gum tissue. This can be achieved by gum grafting, it helps to protect the roots, improve aesthetics, and reduce sensitivity. Other treatment options may include guided tissue regeneration.


In conclusion, gingival recession is a condition characterized by the displacement of gum tissue, leading to the exposure of root surfaces. Aggressive brushing habits, periodontal disease, dental misalignments, trauma, and incorrect orthodontic treatment can contribute to its development. Preventive measures, such as gentle brushing techniques and regular dental care, are crucial in minimizing the risk of gingival recession. Treatment aims to halt further recession and restore a healthy gum tissue architecture.

CASE REPORT: Recession coverage by Coronally Advance flap.

It is also important for patients to maintain good oral hygiene habits and attend regular dental check-ups to ensure that their periodontium remains healthy and functional over time. In the era of increasing esthetics demand, gingival recession is common problem to concern. It demands skilled clinicians who have adopted newer and more novel techniques to restore the aesthetics and function of the patient.                

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