DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in

Histology or Microanatomy is an integral part of the Anatomy curriculum. Department of Anatomy SMC has a state of art histology laboratory.

Our histology lab is fully air-conditioned, well illuminated & well equipped with all updated equipment thanks to the immense efforts of our CMDSir.Next to the Anatomy Museum, our history lab is another cynosure of Santosh medical college, This lab is a research center &learning place open for not only undergraduate & postgraduate students of anatomy, but also of for PG students of the dental wing and other clinical specialties. Students from different clinical specialties come to our lab for learning the normal microanatomy of organs before they are capable of diagnosing any pathological changes. A number of research projects are going on microanatomy in the department involving not only routine microscopy but Immunohistochemistry also.


To function effectively and safely, all the procedures and activities of the histology laboratory are evaluated and monitored accurately. In our laboratory, proper care of the concept of quality control applicable to pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical activities is religiously taken care of.

 Ensuring the safety of working personnel as well as the environment of the histo lab. is an important hallmark of our dept. Safety issues coming up in a histology lab are primarily those related to potentially hazardous chemicals, biohazardous materials, accidents linked to the equipment and instrumentation employed, and general risks from electrical and fire hazards. Our histo lab has all the equipment which are very essential for UG teaching as well as PG research work. Some of them are as follows:

  • compound microscopes100 
  • binocular microscopes20
  • Dissecting microscopes05
  • Projection microscope 01
  • Microtomes,
  • Automatic tissue processor,
  • Automatic slide staining machine,
  • oven, incubator, paraffin wax bath,
  • wather bath, 
  • hot plate laminar airflow, 
  • heating mantles, 
  • lab stirrer, 
  • autoclave, 
  • centrifuge, 
  • calorimeter, 
  • electronic balance, etc

Besides, there are research microscopes with cameras, in the department to facilitate UG PG teaching and research work.

 The anatomy department has a large number of histology slides prepared in the department. We have the routine Hematoxylin & Eosin (H & E) stained slides which are more than 1000 in no.

In addition, the department has a good number of specially stained slides like 

1.    Alcian Blue/PAS (also known as AB/PAS) for goblet cells of the small intestine or staining intervertebral discs.

2.    Giemsa widely used in blood films including peripheral blood smears and bone marrow aspirate slides.

3.    Iron (Prussian Blue) useful when staining liver or bone marrow biopsies.

4.    Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) used for macrophages, connective tissue (collagen and basement membranes), and fungi. 

5.    Toluidine Blue metachromatic stain used in staining acidic mucins, nerve fibers, glial cells, and mast cells.

6.    Silver stain to stain neural cells.

Trichrome connective tissues stain distinguishing collagen and muscle within a specimen.

 In this difficult time of COVID when school colleges are lockdown, online teaching emerges as a boom for teachers. For teaching microanatomy, to UG students we use video conferencing platforms and microscope cameras to show slides to students to fulfill the knowledge of anatomy at the microscopic level.