DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in

Santosh medical college is a renowned institution, duly recognized by various national and international institutions/bodies which determine the highest standards of medical education in India & abroad. This institution has been served by highly experienced, qualified professionals from various renowned institutions like AIIMS, KGMC, MAMC, etc. This college is about three decades old, situated in the center of NCR. This institution is well equipped with all the latest technologies involved in the teaching of subjects. Our students have occupied the highest positions in various hospitals in India & Abroad

Santosh University is running successfully various courses both at PG and UG levels, which includes MS anatomy, Ph.D. anatomy, Msc anatomy at PG level; whereas, at UG level, it includes MBBS, BDS, and Paramedicals (BPT, BOT, BMLT, BMM, BMRDIT, Bsc nursing, Gnm, OT technician )

Knowledge of anatomy is of immense concern, not only for undergraduates but also to postgraduate students, especially in surgery & medicine. We want to make Teaching anatomy mandatory as a preliminary to higher surgical training as well as senior medical students. Knowledge of the anatomical structure of the body is basic to understanding the musculoskeletal function and how both structure and function are modified by exercise or disease. This is true for professionals in physical therapy & allied clinical as well as Para clinical sciences. 

 Post-graduation in anatomy has wide global career opportunities, some which are as below-

A) Faculty in Various Medical, Dental, and Paramedical colleges.

B) An Anatomist has tremendous scope in radiology, CT scan & MRI centers by virtue of his/her knowledge of the subject.

C) The knowledge of embryology offers enough Global opportunities in the field of infertility & IVF clinics.

D) Knowledge of genetics gives an Anatomist in genetic labs that are upcoming fast in this field of medicine for diagnosis & treatment.

E) An anatomist by virtue of his knowledge about the whole human body (both gross & microscopic) can have a place in the field of Medical jurisprudence and criminology.

F) By virtue of anatomical knowledge, an anatomist is the right person to be employed in the science of physical anthropology to solve medico-legal problems for the identification of individuals of different races and areas.

Even during the global pandemic of corona virus (Covid-19), when the world is suffering from disease & death, we have not left our students isolated from us, but very successfully interacted with them when they are in the comfort of their home and parents. Since the subject ANATOMY is the mother of all medical specialties & of utmost importance, we decided to find immediate alternate sources of teaching this highly important basic subject of life to our students. 

  • With the support, encouragement, and blessings of management of Santosh University especially’ CMD Sir &VC Sir’, our department was successful in setting up an online teaching schedule for anatomy for Ph.D., MSC, MBBS, BDS, and paramedical students respectively.
  • We could connect with learners regardless of their geographical location. This also was suitable for those students who had some unexpected busy schedules, allowing them to complete the lessons they needed from the convenience of their devices at their own time. Students have been able to study anatomy daily from the comforts of their homes.
  • We make sure that we use all the teaching tools available to us, online and make our students understand the intricacies of the human body and it’s functioning. 
  • We have been using webinar tools like PowerPoint presentations, videos, our classic whiteboard and marker and even drawing diagrams and showing it to students via zoom and Google conference.
  • The turnout is almost 100 percent and the feedback we are getting from students has even fueled us more to keep making use of this lockdown and help our students get ahead in their knowledge and skills.
  • Our faculty is working tirelessly to prepare and execute these classes and as doctors and teachers, the interest and enthusiasm of our students fill us with joy and push us to work harder towards their futures.