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Doctor degree is a noble profession because they serve humanity”.

Now, while all of us had a full-proof action plan ready on how to crack the entrance exams to get into MBBS, very few could decide on the best medical colleges that they want to get into. Besides scoring well in entrance tests, it is equally important to land in top private medical colleges to see success in the future. Its very important to review the vintage of Medical college with Hospital services well in advance, may be prior to choice filling. Not all colleges provide quality education with practical skills. To become a successful doctor in the future, or if you want to opt for higher studies as well, gaining advanced knowledge of the basic skills is important. Location is nowadays is becoming key factor to decide about your college, a well-connected location would not only brings you saving of time, easiness of day to operations but also brings you patients variety from all age groups to all income groups because of location access.

If you are someone who has already chosen which college you want to study in, congratulations to you! But, if you are one of those who are still confused about the top medical colleges that provide MBBS courses, stay calm as we are here for you! In this article, we will list the top medical colleges in Delhi NCR that provide quality education with practical skills and field experience!

Santosh University

Ranked as one of the best private medical colleges in Ghaziabad, Santosh University, was established in 1995 and provides quality education with innovative teaching methods. Besides, it also has an innovative curriculum that promotes holistic learning in MBBS courses. Besides, they also offer MD, MS, and PhD courses in various specializations such as MS in general surgery, MD in biochemistry, etc.

Now, the most important factor that is the determinant of the success of a university is the facilities offered. Besides providing classroom and practical teaching, with workshops and conferences, Santosh university has its own digital library, hostel, auditorium, and computer labs among other facilities. Besides, it also provides internship opportunities to its students. If you want to get yourself into Santosh university, you need to crack the NEET exam first and then apply for an MBBS course.

Best Private Medical Colleges In Ghaziabad

Santosh University, one of the best private medical colleges in Ghaziabad, offers quality education to MBBS students. Other USPs include:

  1. Besides organic teaching methods, the curriculum is apt for MBBS students to shape their careers in the most efficient way.
  2. Besides theoretical education, practical and lab-based projects will help them in their future careers.
  3. Santosh University has 25+ years of excellence in healthcare education and research
  4. Comprehensive clinical training is provided in 800+ bedded teaching hospital in Delhi NCR
  5. Facility to pay fees in quarterly mode to the one who is enrolled with Santosh University

Added to it is the high evaluation style that ensures high academic standards. So, what are you waiting for? Join Santosh University and give your dreams the wings to fly!