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In mobile dental services, dental treatment is provided to the site by a mobile dental van that is convenient for people seeking dental care. The main difference between the establishment of a conventional fixed dental clinic and a mobile dental clinic is that a mobile dental unit will move and treat patients needing dental treatment. As one of the best solutions to meet people who neglect dental care because they cannot travel to reach the dentists, mobile dental clinics are becoming popular in INDIA. It is an established reality that it can eventually lead to chronic health problems by ignoring or delaying appropriate dental treatment. Low-income populations, remote or rural areas, underserved people; geriatrics, infants, large businesses, population centres, or locations with travel barriers are often served by mobile dental clinics. These communities can get access to affordable dental care and treatments through mobile dental services.Compared with a fixed dental setup, a mobile dental trailer will travel and cover more geographic areas. This implies that it will reach out to a wider and diverse population in need of dental treatment. A mobile dental coach's start-up cost is not as high as a fixed dental facility. Compared to a fixed dental office, a mobile dental vehicle can be fitted with the latest technologies and equipment at a much lower cost. In addition, a mobile dental clinic's daily operating cost is a fraction of the cost borne by a fixed facility, making it a worthwhile investment. The versatility and adaptability of a mobile dental vehicle enables you to incorporate, if necessary, treatment rooms or units or facilities to further improve your return on investment. By regularly visiting mobile dental services, serve as dental homes for many communities over a while. They inculcate faith and protection within society as they treat dental patients in their comfort zone. They relay the message that their oral health is of interest to local authorities and institutions and they assist them through mobile dental services.

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