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The recent advances in medicine have led to the reaffirmation of this saying. Diseases of unknown background have been arising in recent times making this saying more significant than ever. Similarly, dental procedures have also seen a rapid shift from treatment of the disease to preventing the disease from occurring. Its high time now that we know and learn more and more about the prevention instead of writhing in pain.

Preventive dentistry is the scope of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry that focuses on prevention from the day the child is born. It begins with the proper feeding and oral hygiene maintenance of a child by the parents or guardians since birth to teach proper technique of brushing and oral care to the child as he/she grows. There are various at home and in office treatments that can help with this prevention. This includes use of fluorides, mouthwashes and regular check-ups.

Various methods of prevention used according to age goups include:

  1. New Born Child- Post feeding, the Parents are advised to clean the gums using a soft cotton cloth.
  2. After the eruption of first tooth- Parents should brush the tooth using a baby brush and regular visits to a Pediatric Dentist every 6 months.
  3. After 3 years upto 6 years of age- Topical fluoride application every 6 months by a professional Pediatric Dentist and assisted tooth brushing using Fluoridated toothpaste (pea-size amount) and a soft baby brush.
  4. 6-13 years- Regular dental visits, Fluoride application every six months, Pit and Fissure Sealant Application on newly erupted posterior teeth.

A professional pediatric dentist is well educated and equipped to identify and manage the development and progression of the disease so it is recommended that the child be visiting the pediatric dentist since birth or at least once the first tooth has erupted in the oral cavity because:

                                                                                                   Every tooth matters!