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When life originated on the earth the disease accompanied it. Life has never been this is physiologic. Always affected by the pathology. This process is continued even today after millions of years passed. Man evolved and became the best creature on earth as far as mental power concerned. He thinks that he will conquer all the disease but every time a disease is there to prove him wrong. The game of counteraction is going on and it will never end.

The human body is very complicated. Its anatomy and physiology are full of complexities and so is to understand it when affected by a disease. No part of the body can be immune to the disease. Teeth are also not the exception and the same things are true for other parts in the oral cavity. Can a person imagine his or her face without teeth particularly the younger ones? Is it possible to relish the food by such people or do they have sufficient confidence to face society? There is much research that claims to prevent or treat dental diseases but it is also true that tooth loss is still continued and will continue. In the oral cavity, the teeth are not only missing due to common dental disease, but they may also be missing congenitally, due to trauma or because of some surgical intervention. Prosthodontics is the person who deals in treating all such situation where the teeth and associated structures in the oral cavity are missing by replacing them with artificial appliance i.e. prosthesis  

Department of prosthodontics in Santosh Dental College is well-equipped and staffed to train the graduates to attain a level of specialization in the field of prosthodontics. The experience and reputed faculty of the department are committed to giving the wealth of updated information and techniques related to the clinical and theoretical knowledge in shaping the postgraduate(MDS) students, so that they can encounter successfully any situation weather-related to ImplantologyMaxillofacial, Removable or Fixed Prosthodontics.                                                                                                                                     

By Dr. S.V Singh

Prof & Head, Dept of Prosthodontics

Santosh Dental College & Hospital