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If I am just to travel back in time not very far, not even hundred years back I could have not imagined that there would be a day when my patient coming to the clinic with the complaint of missing teeth, could go back with replaced tooth which was no inferior than a natural tooth. Today it is possible. The “Prosthodontics” a major branch of dentistry which deals mainly with the replacement of missing tooth or teeth, is attracting the front runners of dental graduates whopreferred this specialization not only for their livelihood but also to give a great satisfaction to a larger part of the society who feels depressed socially, psychologically as well as functionally because of the missing tooth or teeth.

The story of prosthodontics is quite unique and that status has been maintained for quite a long time. The relevance of prosthodontics can be understood through a careful journey from the profound past to the exciting futuristic frontiers.Prosthodontics has come a long way, from ivory teeth to Ivoclar, from mere denture making to bionics, from plaster impressions to Dentascan, from laborious lab procedures to CAD-CAM and Rapid Prototyping, yet each day is bringing in its wake a new advancement, equipping the Prosthodontist with novel concepts, materials, technology and  techniques for improved rehabilitation of patients.


Single Day Dentistry – Too Good To Be True ?

Who knows, the future of prosthodontic rehabilitation may have tooth regeneration in store.Unlike the dentist of the past, today’s prosthodontist has access to state of the art instruments, machinery and techniques like CAD-CAM and Stereo lithography. The future is likely to bring in its wake, an era of bionics, nanotechnology, tissue engineering and stem cell therapy.

With the paradigm shift from removable to fixed and ultimately “integrated” or implant based prosthodontic rehabilitation; one must remember that current trends cannot be the answer to every clinical situation. Removable prosthodontics can never be a thing of the past. It is an inseparable part of prosthodontic rehabilitation that we must carry into the future, with all possible additions, advancements and expansions. As we usher in an era of fixed and integrated prosthodontics, an era of digitalization and nanotechnology an even brighter future awaits us.

Prosthodontists receive advanced training to utilize these techniques in simple and complicated multi-specialty treatment plans. Ittake great care and pride in using their advanced training and knowledge of materials technology to provide their patients with the ultimate in esthetically attractive and natural-looking restorations.It is also at the heart of dental practice, education, and scientific research. Prosthodontics offers a rewarding and attractive career with unlimited opportunities. There are several paths that can be explored in the specialty, each offering its own unique benefits. Career opportunities involve teaching, patient care, research, administration, and more.Given the high degree of specialization required to work in this field, few people venture forth to take up the challenge.

I have no hesitation to say that the aspirants for getting the higher education in dentistry would love to join this journey at Santosh Dental College, in the Dept of Prosthodontics under Santosh Deemed to be University, Ghaziabad NCR


Dr. Ritu Sharma

(Department of Prosthodontics)