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Pulmonary diseases, more commonly known as respiratory diseases have been a growing trend with each passing year. More people are getting affected every day due to malfunctioning of the lungs and blockage of arteries – it treats you the same way you treat it. The basic preventive measures are always in your hand, accompanied by the numerous medicinal discoveries and technical inventions to support your life.

Pulmonary diseases can be broadly segregated into two categories: Obstructive pulmonary diseases and restrictive pulmonary diseases. Obstructive pulmonary diseases are more common and can be seen in the form of asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Restrictive pulmonary diseases are related to restrictive ventilatory defects and are caused due to the restriction of expansion of lungs resulting in decreased lung volume and loss of breath. This category of pulmonary diseases is characterized by reduced total lung capacity.

Pulmonary diseases, if not born with it can also be triggered off by various external factors. Some of the major reasons are smoking, increasing pollution in the air we breathe, deficiency of antitrypsin and autosomal recession, etc. Initial symptoms of being affected by pulmonary diseases can be as simple as being short of breath but can lead to acute lung conditions and strokes. Recent studies have shown that people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) have more chances of getting bleeding in the brain, consequences of which are obviously fatal and can lead to the death of the individual.

International Pulmonary Update 2013

Santosh University has been a pioneer in the study, research and treatment of Pulmonology for the last 20 years and is working constantly for the benefit of those who are suffering from related diseases. Keeping with this trend, Santosh University in partnership with National Jewish Health (NJH) is organizing the International Pulmonary Update. This event is held at the Santosh Medical College and Hospital on the 5th of October 2013, aims to give the participants a global and Indian perspective on pulmonary diseases and an insight into the research underway.

Apart from brainstorming discussions on the topic, the university is also looking forward to spreading awareness through its programs which will be graced by experts of pulmonology. Dr. Richard J. Martin, MD (chairman, department of medicine; expert in bronchial asthma), Dr. Charles L. Daley, MD (chief, division of mycobacterium and respiratory infections) and Dr. Barry J. Make, MD (co-director, COPD program, NJH and director, clinical centers, COPD gene) are names that need a mention for providing their time and effort to support such a cause.

With the growing rate of people losing life to pulmonary diseases and many more suffering its horrific consequences, Santosh University’s effort to educate people about the diseases – its causes, treatments and preventive measures is fitting.

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