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What Is Dentinal Hypersensitivity?

Dentinal hypersensitivity (DH) is a common clinical condition usually associated with exposed dentinal surfaces.

What Cause Dentinal Hypersensitivity?

The etiological factors include faulty tooth brushing, poor oral hygiene. Premature contacts, gingival recession because of periodontal therapy or physiological reasons, and exogenous/endogenous non-bacterial acids.

Management of Hypersensitivity

Clinicians can recommend a variety of treatments for at-home use or in office application. The mechanism of action is typically nerve desensitization, protein precipitation, plugging dentinal tubules, sealing dentin, or ablating dentin with a laser. The most commonly used therapies include anti-inflammatory agents, protein precipitants, tubule-occluding agents and tubule sealants. The most conservative approach should be implemented initially, with more aggressive treatments suggested if relief is not achieved.

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