DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in

The word museum is derived from the Greek word “mouseion” which means “seat of the Muses- the patron divinities of the arts) ” and hence a building set apart for the study and display of the arts is called MUSEUM. Anatomy is a science that can only be studied by dissections, specimen preparation, and Preservation for which the establishment of anatomy museums is mandatory.

The museum of anatomy dept is the cynosure of our renowned Santosh Medical College. It is a treasure of anat. Dept where all aspects of anatomy can be studied, appreciated & applied to our medical knowledge & training. It holds a large collection of anatomical specimens and models, radiological firms, and many more things.

Our Patron & CMD Sir is very particular & keen to keep this museum updated with the latest equipment & learning material for which we shall always remain highly thankful & obliged.

It is situated on the ground floor of college within the premises of the anatomy dept. It is a big space fully air-conditioned,well illuminated & computerized. 

Other rooms associated with the museum are:

  1. Preparation Room
  2. Storage room
  3. Artist room.

Method of preservation of specimens: The Specimens are preserved in 10% formalin solution

Method of display of specimens: The specimens are displayed in glass jars and big glass cubicles.


For the purpose of studying anatomy, We have assigned various sections in the museum. They are :

  1. Comparative anatomy section 
  2. Evolutionary anatomy 
  3. A section on the history of anatomy
  4. Embryology section
  5. Cross-sectional anatomy section
  6. Histo pathological section 
  7. Special osteology section
  8. Section on teratology
  9. Section on Genetics
  10. A section on clinical anatomy
  11.  Other innovative sections


*Total no of wet specimens: more than 250 catalogues :

Presence of informative 

catalogues about individual specimens

*Models: Total no of gross anatomy models more than 200 

*Total no of embryology models more than75

*photographs of specimens 200

*Radiology display:

  • X-Rays plate 100
  • 2]C-T-Scan films 50
  • MRI films 50

* Osteology:

  1. Total number of articulated skeletons 20
  2. Total number of disarticulated skeletons 25
  3. total no of disarticulated individual bones more than 300


The formalin-fixed specimens are arranged in six sections:

  1. Thorax
  2.  Abdomen and pelvis
  3. Upper extremities
  4. Lower extremities
  5.  Head & Neck
  6. Neuroanatomy

Overall the department of the Anatomy of Santosh medical college is a modern, updated, excellent, highly professional & well managed department that teaches more than five hundred students of MBBS, BDS, PARAMEDICAL & POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS every year. It is on par with premier institutions like AIIMS, MAMC, VMMV, and many more.