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Santosh Deemed To Be University, home to Santosh Medical College in Delhi NCR, has earned its reputation as one of the best medical colleges in the region. Among its many esteemed courses, the MS ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) program stands out as a prominent choice for aspiring medical professionals. With a stellar curriculum and experienced faculty, MS ENT graduates from Santosh Medical College are well-equipped to embark on successful careers. In this blog, we will explore the top career opportunities for MS ENT graduates and delve into the program's course fee.

Exploring the World of MS ENT at Santosh Medical College in Delhi NCR

When it comes to pursuing a career in the medical field, choosing the right institution is paramount. In the bustling region of Delhi NCR, one institution that shines bright in the realm of medical education is Santosh Medical College, a part of Santosh Deemed To Be University. Among its many offerings, the MS ENT (Master of Surgery in Ear, Nose, and Throat) course stands out as a beacon of excellence.

The Prestigious Santosh Deemed To Be University

Santosh Deemed To Be University, established in 1995, is a renowned name in the field of medical education. It is situated in the heart of the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, making it easily accessible to students from across the country. Santosh Medical College, a constituent college of this esteemed university, has earned its reputation as one of the best medical colleges in Delhi NCR.

Why Choose MS ENT at Santosh Medical College?

Academic Excellence and Faculty Profile: ENT department at Santosh Medical College boasts of a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are experts in their fields. They provide comprehensive theoretical knowledge and hands-on training to students.

The faculty has the following accomplishments:

  1. Clinical Fellowships in Various Subspecialties at national and international centers of excellence.
  2. Academic awards at State and National level
  3. Large body of research publications in indexed, reputed and peer-reviewed journals.
  4. Principal investigator in research projects under the aegis of National research bodies.
  5. Felicitation awards as Chairpersons, Presenters and Moderators at state and national Conference and surgical workshops.
  6. Extensive experience and appreciation for community outreach programs.

 State-of-the-Art Facilities: The Department is equipped with the state -of- art diagnostic and therapeutic tools, ensuring that students receive practical exposure to the latest technology and techniques in ENT.

Clinical Exposure: Located in the heart of Delhi NCR, students at Santosh Medical College have the privilege of gaining clinical experience at some of the finest hospitals in the region. This exposure is invaluable in building the skills and confidence required to excel in the field of ENT.

The department provides comprehensive health care covering wide spectrum of ENT disorders. The various services offered are:

  1. Basic and advanced Endoscopic sinus and nasal surgery
  2. Otology and neurotology procedures
  3. Allergy management
  4. Audiology – Hearing impairment evaluation
  5. Balance disorders
  6. Voice disorders – Microscopic laryngeal surgery
  7. Speech and language therapy
  8. Pediatric Otolaryngology
  9. Head and neck procedures – Thyroid and salivary gland pathology etc. 
  10. Upper Aero- Digestive Tract (UADT) endoscopy
  11. Sleep Apnea disorders and surgery
  12. Emergency ENT procedures  

Research Opportunities: The college encourages research and innovation. Students have access to various research projects and can actively participate in advancing the field of ENT.

MS ENT: A Path to Excellence

MS ENT is a specialized postgraduate medical program that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the ear, nose, and throat. This field of medicine demands precision, expertise, and dedication, and Santosh Medical College provides just the right platform for aspiring ENT specialists.

MS ENT Course Fee

While pursuing excellence in medical education is a priority, financial considerations are also crucial. Santosh Medical College understands this and offers a competitive fee structure for the MS ENT course, making it an accessible option for aspiring ENT specialists.

Private Medical College in Delhi NCR

Santosh Medical College is a private institution, and this brings several advantages. It allows for a more personalized and focused approach to education. The smaller class sizes mean that students receive individual attention from faculty members, ensuring a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

The Best Choice for MS ENT in Delhi NCR

For those seeking the best college for the MS ENT course in Delhi NCR, Santosh Medical College is undoubtedly a top contender. Its commitment to academic excellence, world-class facilities, and clinical exposure make it a preferred choice among medical aspirants.


The MS ENT program at Santosh Medical College in Delhi NCR not only offers a comprehensive education but also opens up a world of diverse career opportunities. Whether you choose to establish a private practice, work in hospitals, pursue academia, serve in government healthcare, or specialize further, Santosh Deemed To Be University equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your chosen path. Moreover, the institution's commitment to providing quality education at a reasonable cost makes it an attractive option for aspiring ENT specialists. If you're considering a career in ear, nose, and throat medicine, Santosh Medical College should be at the top of your list for pursuing your MS ENT degree.