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Are you someone who is really passionate about studying dentistry but is confused about which dental specialty to opt for? Well, stay calm and read this article to the end! We hope that by the end, you will find your answer on which dental specialty will suit you the best.

Top Questions To Help Choose Your Dental specialty

Before directly jumping into the questions, let’s understand that dentistry as a career offers exponential growth and endless opportunities. Gone are the days when people thought that dentistry does not provide individual satisfaction or growth. In today’s world, working as a dentist provides you with a lot of exposure in the medical field, with impressive incentives and job roles. But, at the same time, it asks for your perseverance and determination and an endless belief in yourself that you can achieve what you dream for! So, it becomes necessary to choose your dental specialty wisely, otherwise, it will become even more difficult to continue with your course.

1. Why Study Dentistry?

Before choosing your dental specialty, it is highly necessary to ask yourself why you want to study dentistry in the first place! If you are not aware of the “WHY” factor, how will you choose your specialty? So, ask yourself first why you are opting for dentistry as your future career? Is it just because your parents and peers are asking you to do so, or are you passionate about this branch of medical science? Let us remember that, “Passion drives purpose“. Unless you are passionate about what you are doing, you will never grow!

2. Are You A Philanthropist?

Now that we have shed light on “why” you should study dentistry, next comes the different options that dentistry opens for you! There are various branches that private universities offer to students. Ranging from dental public health to surgery and pediatric dentistry, the options are endless. You need to choose the one which suits your inner soul! If you are passionate about treating patients with teeth infections and disorders, you might choose periodontics.

On the contrary, if you are someone who dreams of serving the masses, dental public health is what you should choose as your specialty. Remember, this is the vital part before choosing any particular field. So, ask yourself genuinely, what is it that motivates you in this field? What is your purpose?

3. The Salary Factor

This is again an important factor when choosing a dental specialty in any top private university. If you are someone whose purpose in life is to serve the population, go for public health dentistry. But, if earning a decent income is your primary focus, you can choose dental surgery such as maxillofacial surgery or endodontics and orthodontics!

4. Do You Love To Be Around Children?

If none of the above questions gives you any desired answer and you feel the regular dental specialties do not excite you much, you can give pediatric dentistry a try! Ask yourself if you love kids and know how to interact with them without making them feel awkward, you have found your career. But, to become a successful pediatric dentist, you need to study further for two years in residency programs, which will provide you with practical knowledge and skills on how to handle young patients!

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