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The field of microbiology holds the key to understanding the diversity of microorganisms and their impact on human health, the environment, and various industries. Pursuing MD Microbiology offers a transformative journey into the depths of this microbial world. Santosh Deemed to be University, located in Delhi NCR  is recognized as one of the best medical colleges, offers a comprehensive MD Microbiology program that prepares aspiring physicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to unravel the mysteries of microorganisms.

Santosh Deemed to be University: A Hub of Medical Education:

Santosh Deemed to be University, home to Santosh Medical College, stands as a leading institution for medical education in Delhi NCR. With its commitment to academic excellence, research, and innovation, the university provides a conducive environment for students pursuing MD Microbiology. It boasts experienced faculty members, state-of-the-art laboratories, and a strong emphasis on practical learning to ensure that students receive a holistic education.

Exploring the MD Microbiology Journey:

The MD Microbiology program at Santosh Deemed to be University delves into the intricate world of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Through a well-designed curriculum, students learn about microbial taxonomy, physiology, pathogenesis, host-microbe interactions, and the latest advancements in the field. The program combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on laboratory training, research projects, and clinical exposure, enabling students to develop a deep understanding of microorganisms and their impact on human health.

Affordable Course Fee:

Santosh Deemed to be University understands the importance of making quality education accessible. The MD Microbiology program is offered at a competitive course fee, ensuring that talented individuals can pursue their passion for unraveling the microbial world without excessive financial burden.

Benefits of Studying at Santosh Deemed to be University:

  1. Experienced Faculty: The university has a team of experienced faculty members who are experts in the field of microbiology. They provide students with valuable insights, mentorship, and guidance throughout their MD Microbiology journey.
  2. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Santosh Deemed to be University offers modern facilities, including well-equipped laboratories, research centers, and access to scientific literature. Students engage in hands-on learning, laboratory experiments, and research projects to enhance their practical skills.
  3. Clinical Exposure: The university provides clinical exposure, allowing students to understand the role of microorganisms in disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. They gain insights into the practical aspects of microbiology in healthcare settings.
  4. Research Opportunities: Santosh Deemed to be University encourages research and provides students with opportunities to engage in research projects, collaborate with faculty members, and contribute to the advancement of microbiological knowledge. Engaging in research fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific skills.

The main thrust areas for research in the department are:

  1. Bacteriology
  2. Mycobacteriology
  3. Virology
  4. Mycology
  5. Parasitology
  6. Serology
  7. Immunology

The research is conducted on patient’s samples after due consent from patients.

  1. Career Prospects: Postgraduates of the MD Microbiology program from Santosh Deemed to be University are well-prepared for diverse career opportunities. They can pursue roles in research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, public health agencies, diagnostic laboratories, hospitals and academia. The program helps empower students with the skills to tackle infectious diseases, develop novel antimicrobial strategies, and contribute to public health initiatives.

Opportunities offered by postgraduates in MD Microbiology are as follows:

  1. Can be placed as a Clinical Microbiologist, Infectious Disease Specialist, Hospital Infection Control Officer, Lab Director, Quality Control Manager in Hospitals.
  2. Teaching Faculty in Medical College, Dental College, Allied Health Sciences Institute and coaching centers.
  3. Research Scientists and Senior Research Fellow in terms of Research prospects.
  4. Quality control manager and microbiologist in pharmaceutical industry, Beverage industry and food industry.
  5. Assessor in different accreditation agencies.
  6. Research Associates in government agencies. 
  7. Journal editor in journal publication house.
  8. Besides publication, they can have ample opportunities for copyrights and patents. These opportunities allow them to protect their intellectual property right and ensure that they have exclusive rights to their creations, leading to potential financial gains and recognition in the market. 

Handsome Stipend:  This handsome stipend being paid to MD residents is a testament to the value placed on their skills and contributions. It not only recognizes their hard work but also serves as an incentive for them to continue excelling in their respective fields. 

Choosing Santosh Deemed to be University for MD Microbiology:

Santosh Deemed to be University stands as the best choice for individuals passionate about unraveling the microbial world through the MD Microbiology program. With its commitment to excellence, experienced faculty, reasonable program fee, and emphasis on practical & clinical learning and research, the university provides an enriching educational experience. By joining Santosh Deemed to be University, students gain a solid foundation in MD Microbiology and open doors to exciting career opportunities in the field.


Embarking on the MD Microbiology journey at Santosh Deemed to be University allows students to explore the diverse and complex microbial world. With a focus on academic excellence, research, and practical learning, the university prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the role of microorganisms in health and disease. By choosing Santosh Deemed to be University, individuals can unravel the secrets of the microbial world and make significant contributions to the field of microbiology.