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Prof. (Dr.) NishaKaul

SANTOSH DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY under guidance of our respected CMD SirDr. P. Mahalingam and Vice chairman Sir Dr. Santosh Mahalingam has progressed leaps and bounds in imparting  medical knowledge to  UG and PG students by applying different modalities of teaching. We are not only using offline teaching (with proper COVID guidelines) but alsolaying  emphasis  about  online teaching. The Webinars have  not only helped us in teaching our students in Lockdown period but also in organising various seminars, discussions and video conferences.


A webinar is an online seminar that turns a presentation into a real-time conversation from anywhere in the world. Webinars allow large groups of participants to engage in online discussions or training events and share audio, documents or slides – even when they’re not in the same place as the meeting host or in the same room where the event or presentation is taking place.


Engaging Online Discussions

Used effectively, webinars help you better understand your audience, their pain points and the topics most relevant to them.

Actionable Content

Effective webinars often pick up where traditional slide presentations leave off, adding screen sharing, and presenter video and audio and downloadable materials.

How Do Effective Webinars Work?

An effective and engaging webinar starts with three roles: an organizer, at least one presenter and attendees. A few quick steps can help you reach your target audience and spread your message to people online.

Set a Clear Objective

You’ll be more successful if you have a clear goal in mind. What are you trying to accomplish?

Understand Your Audience

What are your attendees’ pain points? What topics might resonate with them? Use those insights to create a compelling webinar title.

Schedule Your Webinar

Research shows 10am on a Tuesday or Wednesday are the best days and times to host a webinar.

Promote Your Webinar

Use email, social channels and your own network to get the word out.

Build out  your presentation

Give your audience bite-sizelearnings they can apply.


Make sure you  practice your delivery as well astest your technical set up before the big day.

Promote participation

Use polls,ask  thought provoking  questions and provide actionable contents

Concluding,the world is getting smaller.Individuals can now connect with one another at any time via internet through webinar programmes

Prof. (Dr.) Nisha Kaul

Department of Anatomy