DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in

At the Santosh Group of Institutes, we focus on the well-rounded development of our students. This is what, we believe, sets us apart from other medical colleges and Universities.

Our triple mission of medical education, health care, and research and development have made sure that our students don’t remain doctors in theory. State of the art, well-equipped laboratories, excellent teachers who serve as pioneers in their respective medical fields, and a great learning environment makes sure our students excel academically and understand medicine fully.

Our focus on research and development ensures our students are well informed of the latest technologies, breakthroughs, and studies in medicine. In addition, they are made to undertake various research projects, which add an entirely new dimension to their education.

Moreover, Santosh is equipped with a hospital to fulfill its mission of health care and this is what makes our students excel as doctors. They receive hands-on training under the guidance of some excellent doctors who are also their teachers. Very few medical students in the country receive this kind of medical training. It makes them better equipped to deal with patients and gives them a better, more practical understanding of science. Through this, our students are no longer limited to the classroom but are actually engaged in treating and taking care of patients and experiencing real-life situations. Such training is what makes our students great doctors.

We offer bachelor's and master's degrees in courses ranging from general medicine to ophthalmology and dentistry. We have students from various branches of medical education, living and working together in harmony, gaining a better understanding of the different fields. This contributes to the holistic environment we aim to cultivate for our students, and a hospital-like feel, which we believe, is very essential.  We are one of the very few Universities to offer Nursing as a course. We understand the true value of nurses and how important it is to have well-trained professionals who look after patients in a way doctors cannot.

Our campus is located in Ghaziabad, located in the National Capital Region which makes us very well connected to Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. Easy accessibility to a wide population of students was kept in mind while deciding on a location.

We have excellent resources at the University, which are at the students’ disposal at all times. Our laboratories are very well equipped. The library is vast and full of useful books and guides by published authors and excellent doctors. The University’s focus on the well-rounded development of students reflects in the extracurricular activities they are made to take part in, from debates to quizzes, to various sports whose fields find a place on the University campus.

We strive tirelessly to be pioneers in medical education, ensuring holistic growth for our students.