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Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on the development of the face, teeth and jaws to reach the best possible function and aesthetics. This is usually achieved through the use of fixed braces or clear, removable aligners.

An Orthodontist is a qualified specialist who has first trained to become a dentist, and then undertaken a further three year postgraduate course at Masters level.

Specialist training takes place in dental colleges and it’s a full time commitment. Trainees learn the theory of orthodontics and also gain experience treating members of the public.

14 Things we love about Orthodontics

What makes Orthodontics special?  Straight teeth, confident smiles…even braces have become more orthodontist and patient friendly. Here are 14 reasons why we love what we do:

  1. Braces can be super subtle – think clear, tooth coloured, or even hidden behind your teeth. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous you can brighten up your smile with a rainbow of colours.
  2. Braces are suitable for everyone – and we see more number of Adults embrace orthodontic treatment every year.
  3. Orthodontics works with what you’ve got – braces straighten your natural teeth instead of hiding them behind a perfect veneer.
  4. Patient friendly- Braces at their worst can be slightly uncomfortable after they’re fitted or adjusted, but rest assured there will be no drilling or filling.
  5. Celebs too love Orthodontic treatment for their starry smiles.
  6. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean – with fewer crevices for food and bacteria to hide in.
  7. Braces just keep getting better – you can now straighten your teeth without a metal bracket or wire in sight.
  8. Orthodontics has been around for years – even the ancient Egyptians appreciated the merits of a nice smile, and mummies have been found sporting metal bands around their teeth.
  9. Best orthodontic care – so braces can benefit the people who need them the most.
  10. Braces are now hidden behind your teeth-  lingual braces
  11. Orthodontics can change your whole face – braces don’t just straighten teeth, they can also improve your profile and the way your teeth bite together.
  12. Braces can help you resist sugary sweets – sticky foods and braces do not a good match make, so you’ll have a reason to stay away from teeth-damaging snacks.
  13. The results are AMAZING – it’s always a pleasure to see how happy our patients are with their smiles after orthodontic treatment.
  14. Braces are only temporary – so if you’re still unconvinced of their appeal, take comfort in the fact that they’re not forever. In fact some simple cases can be treated in just month