DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in

Platelets play a crucial role in haemostasis , regeneration and tissue recovery. Growth factors, cytokines in platelet are responsible for healing and tissue regeneration process .  Platelet concentrates are  refined, power packed fuels for excellent wound healing. Platelet concentrates are nothing but the platelets which are prepared in a special centrifuge machine from the patients blood. Blood is collected , then centrifuged (often a 2-step centrifugation) to collect mainly a base of platelets. The primary intention for the application of platelet concentrates in clinics are:- activation and proliferation of growth factors,migration and differentiation in the wound area  for successful regenerative process to induce bone regeneration and soft tissues healing after  surgical procedure .The evolution of platelet concentrates from FIBRIN GLUE to PRP(first gen) to PRF(second gen) to CGF (third gen)which is prepared with different centrifuge types .This evolution of various forms of platelet concentrates is based on the increased number of growth factors present within each .These concentrates mostly PRF and CGF have been used in various maxillofacial surgical procedures which fastens the healing process with less post operative complications. Alveolar socket preservation after tooth extraction. Impacted third molar surgeries, Osseointegration around dental implant ,Bone regeneration in sinus floor augmentation procedures ,  Bone regeneration in  alveolar clefts & mandibular fracture , Ridge augmentation , Hair transpalnt and esthetic surgeries , Jaw reconstruction surgeries  ,Guided bone & tissue regeneration in large defects and lesions. The efficacy of platelet concentrates in procedures in oral and maxillofacial region enhances an accelerated tissue and bone regeneration. Although wound healing occurs as normal physiological process, the use of PLATELET CONCENTRATES to enhance, optimise and improvise this process without slashing pockets is readily available.

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