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Soon after completing a BDS degree, the majority of the students overwhelm themselves with what to do next! While some of them opt for MDS colleges, others find it difficult to go for higher studies in MDS specialization as they are not aware of the future scope of MDS specialization. So, in this article, let us understand the career scope after MDS specialization and will also look at the Top MD colleges in Delhi NCR.

What Is An MDS Course?

After completing a BDS degree, an MDS course is the best option to opt for. While BDS is a bachelor’s level course, an MDS degree provides students with post-graduate education or master’s courses. The main aim of these courses includes providing the master’s degree students with advanced knowledge of dentistry and its related fields. Through an MDS specialization, the MDS colleges provide top-notch education in one of the fields of dentistry which includes, prosthodontics, periodontology, oral pathology, and oral medicine among other courses.

Future Scope After MDS Specialization

Now that we have learned a little about the MDS specialization courses, let us see if there is any career scope for MDS specialization. Because to be very honest, why would someone opt for such a course if it offers no career opportunities?

The future scope after completing an MDS degree specialization is unparalleled! Though previously it was thought that an MDS degree offers no career growth, the present scenario interprets that in the coming years, the need for highly skilled and knowledgeable MDS degree holders will become exponentially high!

List Of MDS Specializations And Their Future Scope

As stated above, the MDS specializations offer students with high opportunities in the field of dental medicine. Though one can also opt for further studies as well.

1. Oral Pathology And Microbiology

The top MD colleges in Delhi NCR and institutes provide top-quality education in the diagnosis of oral diseases and disorders. On the other hand, oral microbiology provides advanced knowledge of the microorganisms of the oral cavity.

Career Scope After Oral Pathology And Microbiology:

Oral pathologists and microbiologists are hired as consultants, and quality managers in diagnostic laboratories and also in cancer hospitals. They can also opt for a clinical specialist.

2. Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is one of the most sought-after MDS specializations after the BDS degree. An MDS degree in oral surgery provides knowledge and skills on oral diseases and infections, besides mouth, gums, and other tissues of the oral cavity.

Career Scope After Oral Surgery:

While Oral surgeons can opt for jobs in research organizations, they also have ample opportunities in teaching careers. Besides, if anyone is trained in private practice they can set up their own dental chamber. Or one can also go for an oral pathologist and medical representative.

3. Periodontology

While the previous two deal with tooth diseases and infections, periodontology offers education and knowledge on the treatment of supporting structures of the teeth such as cementum, periodontal ligament, etc.

Career Scope After Periodontology:

While one can opt for higher studies in the desired field, job opportunities include dental hospitals, teaching institutions, and even defense services.

4. Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with the restoration and maintenance of lost teeth. It is one of the most advanced branches of dentistry that provides the students with advanced knowledge and skills.

Career Scope After Prosthodontics:

The treatment includes a crown, veneer, and dental surgery among others. Thus, prosthodontic degree holders can opt for prosthodontic jobs, lecturers in teaching institutions, and private practitioners if they are trained in that field. They can even opt for an oral pathologist and dental hygienist.

5. Oral Medicine And Radiology

Oral medicine deals with treatments and medications that deal with non-surgical treatments of oral infections. On the contrary, oral radiology aims to diagnose, through imaging techniques, the diseases, and discomfort related to the teeth and their allied structures.

Career Scope In Oral Medicine And Radiology

While one can get impressive opportunities in India in some of the government and private hospitals; abroad countries also provide ample growth to the specialists of oral medicine and Radiology.

Top MD Colleges In Ghaziabad

With MD colleges developing in every region of the country, it becomes very tough for the students to choose the top MD colleges in Ghaziabad and other cities. While there is high demand for MDS seats in the top MD colleges in Delhi NCR, many colleges provide low-quality education with high fees.

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