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Basic Suturing Skills certificate course

  • 2022-07-16

The Basic Suturing Skills certificate course was conducted by the Department of General Surgery at Santosh Hospital, Ghaziabad, under the guidance of Dr. Shalabh Gupta, HOD General Surgery with course coordinator Dr. Sachin Choudhary.

Mentorship Dr. Tripta, Dr. Sameer Naqash, Dr. Naveen Solanki & Dr. Kasif Shahjada

A 4-day workshop was conducted by the surgery department from 16th July-22 to 6th Aug-22 which covered the topics of:

1. Asepsis, sterilization, OT etiquettes, hand washing, and science of tissue management on 16th July-22.

2. Surgical safety checklist, History of suturing & all about suturing techniques & materials on 23rd July-22.

3. Surgical Knotting theory and live demonstration followed by video demonstration were also done on 30th July-22.

4. A live hands-on suturing workshop, alongside Wet lab and vascular anastomoses, was done on 6th Aug-22 that concluded with handing over the certificates by honorable ma’am Dr. T.S Bhagat and lunch for all.

No. of students who participated in Value Added Course were 32.

A very good response was received from our participating final year MBBS students & very interactive Q&A sessions were conducted at the end of every lecture. Planning more sessions so that the entire final year MBBS-2018-19 Batch can benefit from the workshop.

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