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Blood Donation Drive

  • 2023-02-24

Blood Donor Motivation and Blood Donation Drive was organised by Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion under supervision of Dr Amit Varma, Consultant and Dr Mayurika Tyagi, Associate Professor at Blood Centre, Santosh Medical and Dental College Hospitals. Volunteers were first counselled regarding the benefits of blood donation and their health status. Initially hesitant people were also motivated and counselled. After the donor screening and counselling, those deemed fit by the medical officer donated blood. The donation was conducted under all aseptic conditions. Special care was given to all the donors. After donation, the donors were given refreshments and snacks. The team took outstanding care of the donors pre and post-donation and provided healthy post-donation refreshments. Motivation activity was also carried out by BMLT Interns. They presented and displayed Posters to motivate donors and also interacted with them personally to provide human connection. All the donors were happy post-donation and were keen on donating blood again

and motivating others.