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Case of Ca Lung in Old Pulmonary Kochs

  • 2024-01-30

On 30th January 2024, members of the medical community convened on the Medisage platform in a virtual setting to observe a case presentation conducted by Dr. Shubham Shrivastav, a second-year postgraduate student at Santosh Hospital in Ghaziabad.

Dr. Ashok Kumar, the Head of the Department of Medicine at SMCH Ghaziabad, extends a warm greeting to all attendees and proceeds to provide a concise overview of the case at hand. He introduces the panel member Dr. Amba Prasad Dubey, Associate professor SMCH, Ghaziabad and the lecturer, Dr. Prasanth .The virtual session, centered upon a particularly intriguing case of Ca Lung in Old Pulmonary Koch`s provided attendees with a substantial amount of knowledge and valuable insights.The lecture was initiated by Dr. Shubham Shrivastav, who provided a thorough examination of Case , highlighting its diagnostic complexities and medical importance. The individual adeptly expressed the intricacy involved in assessing the progression of illness, thoroughly exploring the wide range of infectious and non-infectious factors that can contribute to making Diagnosis. He also explains in detail regarding approach to a case of Patients with Respiratory Illnesses.

The central focus of the presentation revolved around a compelling case study, which provided a comprehensive analysis of a patient who had perplexed the medical community due to an enduring fever, Breathlessness and progressive weakness. Dr. Shubham Shrivastav skillfully guided the audience through the diagnostic process, elucidating the careful and systematic approach employed to ascertain the root cause. The attendees were fully engaged as he elaborated on the diagnostic examinations, many potential diagnoses, and the eventual outcome of the case.

The seminar culminated with an engaging question and answer session, providing attendees with the opportunity to directly engage with Dr. Shubham Shrivastav. During this session, Dr. Shubham Shrivastav graciously provided his clinical expertise and practical strategies for effectively managing complex instances of case of Ca Lung in Old Pulmonary Koch`s. there has been excellent discussion of the case by Dr. Amba Dubey and Dr. Ashok Kumar as a panellist with offer of various guidance regarding approach of the index case.

The persuasive case study presented by the individual had a lasting impression on the audience, reinforcing the significance of ongoing education and collaboration among medical professionals.