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Celebrating Global Family Day

  • 2024-02-10

Family plays a crucial role as care givers. The aim of the CME was to discuss how family plays an important role in different ways to support patient and avoid difficult situations. Important themes such as Role of Family in Health, women’s health, mental health and in the development of children and adolescent health were discussed by various esteemed speakers.

  1. Organized by: Department of Clinical Psychology
  2. Program Title: Celebrating Global Family Day
  3. Date & Time: 10th February 2023, 10:00 A.M- 12:30 P.M
  4. Venue: Lecture Hall, 2nd floor, Santosh Hospital
  5. Duration: 2.5 hours
  6. Total participants:: 60

Faculties Involved:

  1. Dr. Alka Aggarwal ( Dean & Professor Pediatrics, SMCH, Ghaziabad)
  2. Dr. Manisha Sabbarwal ( Medical Director, SMCH, Ghaziabad)
  3. Dr. Alpana Aggarwal ( MS & Professor Gynecology & Obstetrics , SMCH, Ghaziabad)
  4. Dr. Ashok Kumar ( Professor & HOD- Medicine, SMCH, Ghaziabad)
  5. Dr. Manisha Gupta ( Professor & Head Department of Gynecology & Obstetric SMCH, Ghaziabad)
  6. Dr. Brijesh Saran ( Associate Professor of Psychaitry, SMCH, Ghaziabad)
  7. Dr. Veenu Aggarwal ( Professor & Head , Department of Pediatrics)
  8. Dr Rani Srivastava (Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, SDU, Ghaziabad)
  9. Dr Parul Gairola (Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, SCMH, Ghaziabad)
  10. Dr. Niharika Arora ( Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, SCMH, Ghaziabad)


  1. Role of Family in Health - Dr. Ashok Kumar (Professor& Head-Medicine)
  2. Role of Family in Women’s health - Dr. Manisha Gupta (Professor& Head-Gynecology)
  3. Role of Family in Mental health - Dr. Brijesh Saran (Associate Professor-Psychiatry)
  4. Role of Family in Children and adolescent health - Dr. Veenu Aggarwal-Professor & Head-Pediatrics)

During such interdepartmental meet, experts discussed various behavioral issues such as role of family in treatment and prognosis, role of family in being primary care givers, importance of family in providing a supportive environment during the treatment journey and during crucial phases of lives such as adolescence & early adulthood. They shared their experiences and expertise on importance and relevance of family being protective factors. The meeting also provided an opportunity for participants to build a professional network to exchange ideas and to work together, celebrating our differences while acknowledging the fundamental bonds that connect us. It’s an invitation to recognize the diverse tapestry of human experience and how it contributes to the strength of familial bonds worldwide.

This CME was an interdepartmental meeting organized by the Department of Clinical Psychology, Santosh Medical College and Hospitals. Students of nursing, MD Pediatrics, MD Psychiatry, PhD. Scholars and MSc. Clinical Psychology (1st yr & 2nd yr) along with other medical professionals attended the program. The students of MSc Clinical Psychology (BOTH THE BATCHES) materialized their presentations basing upon  understanding & developing the support for women empowerment, role of family towards children with intellectual disability, role of family environment on psychosocial development among college students, role of family in providing support for mental disorders, role of family in preventing delinquency among children and adolescence , role of family in mitigation of stigma related to various medical conduction. Student’s presentation sessions were chaired by Dr. Niharika Arora and Dr. Parul Gairola, Assistant Professors, Department of clinical psychology, SMCH, GFZB.

In conclusion, the interdepartmental meet of clinical psychology on the occasion of Global Family Day was a valuable opportunity for experts to come together, share their knowledge and expertise, and develop effective strategies to address these issues.