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Celebration Of Maternal Health Awareness Day

  • 2024-01-23

The Maternal Health Awareness Day celebration held on January 23,proved to be an exuberant and unforgettable occasion dedicated to the Maternal Health.This gathering successfully united students,faculty and the patients in the Gynaecology & Obstetrics ward,fostering an atmosphere of imparting knowledge to the new mothers.

Maternal Health Awareness Day is celebrated as a reminder of the importance of investing in the health of mothers,not only for their own sake but also for the overall well-being of families and communities,and this event was no exception.  The following key areas are discussed:

Nutrition needs,Hygiene,Lactation,Weight Reduction,PostPartum Depression,and Family Planning.The education on maternal health was provided to the patients and exercises suitable for the new mothers were also demonstrated by the students.

In the spirit of imparting education, the event featured  a questionnaire session.This activity added an interactive element to the celebration and ensured everyone had a good learning time.


The celebration of Maternal Health Awareness Day emerged as a triumphant success.It helped to raise awareness about the crisis in access to maternal and reproductive health care.Comprehensive wraparound care results in better long-term health outcomes for both mothers and babies and helps us address health disparities.