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Central Research Facility and SSF

  • 2022-11-15

A 2022 workshop has been conducted to promote awareness of the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship as career opportunity on the premises of Santosh Hospital. The purpose of this Santosh Startup Forum, SSF is to guide senior MBBS students (Interns, 2018 & 2019 batch) on the best ways and reasons for medical professionals to start their own startup journey. SSF was introduced at the beginning of the workshop by our incubation manager Ms.Indu Rani who thoroughly explained the benefits of choosing entrepreneurship to the medical students.

Additionally, she explained how the mindset and teaching in medical and business education curriculum make healthcare professionals as natural entrepreneurs as well as the opportunities and strategies for utilizing such skills to develop a successful business venture.

Director of the Wavemakers and keynote speaker Dr. Salaj Rana advised the students about how to start a business, the purpose of incubators and provided some fascinating viewpoints and instances from real life. Additionally, he gave them information on the EDP course launched by Santosh University and Wavemakers. He also informed on how to get enrolled on the portal and upcoming activities were also covered in his briefing.

At last, attendees learned how SSF, Wavemakers, and IIC can assist student entrepreneurs in developing their startups. 42 participants attended this workshop. This will inspire medical students to start their own startups by promoting entrepreneurial skills among them. A feedback link has also been provided to the participants to understand their learning and observation.

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