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CME on Body Weight:An Enigma

  • 2023-06-02

On 2nd June 2023, the Department of Physiology at Santosh Deemed to be University in Ghaziabad organized a Continuing Medical Education (CME) event titled "Body Weight: An Enigma." The event aimed to provide a platform for healthcare professionals and researchers to exchange knowledge and insights into the complexities of body weight regulation and its impact on human health. The event featured renowned speakers from various disciplines including medicine, surgery, psychiatry, community medicine and physiology.The event began with the lamp lighting followed by Saraswati Vandana. After that a warm welcome by the organizing committee, led by Dr DK Dubey, the Head of the Department of Physiology. Dr Dubey set the stage by emphasizing the importance of understanding the factors influencing body weight and the challenges associated with its management. He expressed his gratitude to the chief guest, Dr Tripta S Bhagat,Vice Chancellor, Santosh University, for gracing the occasion.Tripta S Bhagat, a distinguished guest and renowned expert in the field of nutrition, delivered an insightful keynote speech. Bhagat highlighted the rising global burden of obesity and the need for comprehensive approaches to tackle this public health issue. She emphasized the role of education, awareness, and lifestyle modifications in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.

The esteemed chief guest for the event was Tripta S Bhagat, whose presence added significance and motivation for the attendees. The event was graced by several distinguished guests, including Dr Alka Agarwal (Dean Medical), Dr R K Sharma (Dean Paramedics), Dr VP Gupta (Director Administrator), and Dr Naresh Sharma (Registrar). Their presence and support contributed to the success of the CME.

Dr D.K. Dubey, the Head of the Department of Physiology, commenced the scientific sessions with an overview of the physiological aspects of body weight regulation. He shed light on the intricate interplay of hormones, genetics, and environmental factors contributing to weight gain or loss.

Dr. Ashok Kumar, the Head of the Department of General Medicine, shed light on the relationship between chronic diseases and body weight. He discussed the impact of obesity on conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases, emphasizing the need for early intervention.

Dr. Sameer Naqash, the Head of the Department of General Surgery, provided insights into surgical interventions for weight management. He discussed various bariatric procedures, their efficacy, and potential complications. Dr. Naqash highlighted the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration in determining the most suitable treatment approach for each patient.

Dr. Deepika Agrawal, a Professor of Community Medicine, focused on the socio-cultural determinants of body weight. She highlighted the influence of social and environmental factors on eating behaviors and physical activity, emphasizing the significance of a holistic approach to obesity prevention.

Dr. Brijesh Saran, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry, shared his expertise on the psychological aspects of body weight management. He discussed the impact of mental health conditions, such as depression and eating disorders, on body weight and highlighted the importance of psychological support in comprehensive weight management programs.

The event also featured interactive sessions and panel discussions, providing a platform for students to engage with the speakers, ask their queries on this topic. The event aimed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of medical students, regarding the complexities of body weight and its impact on overall health.

The event was graciously inaugurated by Tripta S Bhagat, the esteemed Chief Guest. Ms. Deepika Bohra, the anchor for the event, skillfully moderated the sessions, engaging the audience and facilitating discussions with the speakers.

Dr Manisha Gupta delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all the speakers, guests, attendees, and the organizing committee for making the CME a success. The event would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of the faculty members who assisted throughout the event, including Dr Loveleena, Dr Anu Kumari, and Dr Rohit Saroha.

Conclusion: The CME event on "Body Weight: An Enigma" organized by the Department of Physiology at Santosh Deemed to be University proved to be a highly and engaging platform for healthcare professionals. The event successfully highlighted the complex nature of body weight regulation and its impact on human health. The organizers and speakers deserve appreciation for their valuable contributions, which will undoubtedly contribute to improving patient care and public health in the future.

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